LED Lighting

If you've ever found yourself cursing into the dark because your boat's power systems can't keep your cabin lit for a single night without a genset running, you need an LED lighting conversion!  Efficient lighting is so important that it's actually the first thing you should do before you start looking at adding gensets, solar panels, and wind generators.  And if you already have those systems, LED lighting can enhance their effectiveness by nearly and order of magnitude!

Harbor Geek knows this because he spent 7 seasons - nearly three years worth of days - living aboard on the hook and off the grid.  He's tried the stuff that works and the stuff that doesn't, and he knows his LEDs!

If you've looked at commercial retrofit options, you'll have noticed a few unpleasant things:
  • They are expensive
  • Many require that you replace whole fixtures
  • Some are just garbage - don't last, lousy light quality, etc.
The fact is however that it's actually possible to convert to LEDs relatively inexpensively while preserving many of your existing fixtures with custom retrofits.  Harbor Geek can get you going with:
  • Consultation and design services
  • Inexpensive quality components and custom assemblies
  • Instruction and supplies for do-it-yourself projects
  • Complete hands-off retrofits
Give Harbor Geek a call and we'll get you lit up in no time.