Computer Services

Harbor Geek has over 20 years of experience as a professional software engineer, and more computer related knowledge crammed into his brain than most people consider healthy.  Services available include:
  • Hardware specification, setup, upgrade, and troubleshooting for
    • Computers - from large server class systems down to special purpose single board and everything in between
    • Network components - routers, switches, wireless devices of all sorts
    • Peripheral devices - cameras, sound systems, video systems, tablets, keyboards, mice.....
  • Software
    • MS Windows and Linux
      • Installation
      • Upgrade
      • Diagnosis/Troubleshooting/Repair
    • Software package installation, configuration, diagnosis, repair
    • Web sites - with or without database
    • Custom software
    • Languages: Perl, Ruby, Python, Bash, Basic, many more
  • Networking
    • Consultation and design
    • Wired and Wireless
    • NMEA and other navigation topologies/protocols
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Diagnosis/repair
If you have a computer related thing that needs doing, Harbor Geek's got you covered!