Our Philosophy - Young children learn best through playful experiences.

Goals and Philosophy of the Director/Teacher Neita Oates

My goals in directing and teaching an early childhood program are:

  • To provide a safe, secure, nurturing place for children.
  • To offer a wide variety of materials, opportunities and activities aimed at enhancing the overall development of the child.
  • To promote social and emotional development through opportunities in play for problem solving, independent learning choices, and cooperative play.

I believe that children are unique and should be accepted and nurtured as such. Before children can develop successfully, they must feel safe, secure and valued as individuals. This statement guides my philosophy for our program and for the environment of the school. The program at Happy Time Cooperative Preschool will guide each child's development and offer many opportunities for exploration, play and learning in all areas of development - physical, intellectual, emotional and social.

- Neita

Building with outdoor blocks