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Virginia Roof
"My son, Rowan, attended Happy Time Preschool for two years (2010-2012) and my twins, Ben and Kylie, attended for three years (2013-2016). We couldn’t be happier with our families’ experience at this wonderful preschool!  Being a part of the Happy Time family has truly enriched all of our lives. 

Teacher Neita is warm, caring, and nurturing. She provides outstanding opportunities for learning through play. She also pays careful attention to the social and emotional development of the children in her care, which is the foundation for all of their growth and learning. Many of my children's lasting friendships (and mine too!) began at Happy Time. The parent involvement in the school provides a sense of community and makes Happy Time a welcoming environment for all." 

- Virginia Roof, 2016

"Happy Time has been monumental to our son's development! Teacher Neita's program gave him the freedom to discover his interests and develop his fine and large gross motor skills that he seemed to be lacking when he first started Happy Time at age three. After two years with a wonderful class and teacher, we believe he is well prepared to face kindergarten and elementary school. He knows his colors, numbers, letters, physical limits and strengths, and is willing to confront his fears. 

We can't say enough about how much we will miss this awesome school. Learning through play really is the key to kids' learning and we're thankful that our son was able to grow by this educational philosophy. We love Teacher Neita's line between being firm and encouraging to the kids and would encourage anyone looking for a healthy preschool and teacher to entrust their little student into her care."

- Sean and Danielle Baker, 2016

"We have loved our involvement at Happy Time Preschool over the last few years!  Our oldest, Eli, attended for two years (2010 - 2012), Liam for one year (2013), and Eisley just finished up her second year.  We have a year break before our youngest, Brielle, gets to have her turn at Happy Time.  She loves it so much already she cries when we have to leave at drop off!  

I have learned so much about child development and parenting through working in the classroom, learning from Neita during parent meetings, conferences and conversation, and watching my children learn how to interact with others and bloom into amazing little people through the school’s learn through play philosophy.  I love the parent participation aspect of the school - not only working in the class with my kids and watching them develop friendships, but I also appreciate the ownership we have of the school by helping take care of the grounds and materials - I’m so confident in the environment my children are learning in because I’ve had hands on involvement in making it the way it is. We truly value this school and the influence it has had on our whole family, and I treasure the memories and lessons we’ve gathered through the years!  I’m already looking forward to coming back in a year with Brielle!"

- Lori Barrow, 2016

Alana Fluitt
"My experience with Happy Time Preschool, has been wonderful. I can not even express how much this has enriched our lives! 

From all of the fun and creative projects that my son has done, to the great friendships he has made...The surprise to me, was what I got out of it! The friendships and bonds with the other parents, and how much I love their children, too! 

With Teacher Neita's, loving guidance, Happy Time is a wonderful place for your children to flourish and bloom!"

- Alana Fluitt, 2016

"Happy Time Cooperative preschool was a huge part of our family for 4 wonderful years. Our children grew so much in those years both academically and socially. Both children went off to kindergarten already beginning to read and doing math skills such as counting and sorting and patterning. The social skills that they learned during these year were amazing. Our son had some seperation anxiety and we were given tools to help us succeed as a family. Teacher Neita is by far the most amazing preschool teacher and director on the Central Coast. She has been a huge assett for our family both during and after preschool. Some of my best friends now are other parents that I met during our years at Happy Time. Happy Time really taught our family how to succeed once entering the big time of elementary school."

- Brandi Pasquini, 2009


"The Happy Time environment offers so many opportunities to learn through Teacher Neita's curriculum of play. Teacher Neita is so kind, patient and nurturing. The high parent/teacher to child ratio means conflict is detected early and peaceful resolutions are gently guided. I am so grateful for Teacher Neita and the community of caring Happy Time parents."

- Karin Havemose, 2009


"My daughter attended Happy Time for two years, from 2000 through 2002. She flourished in this nurturing environment that encourages children to learn by exploring the world around them through play. The children learn to use their imaginations, to create, to experiment, and, most of all to have fun. The Happy Time experience fully prepared my daughter for formal schooling. Like other former Happy Time students that are in school with her, Emily is excelling in her schoolwork. Perhaps more importantly, however, is that the Happy Time experience made her a more well-rounded person with solid social skills and empathy and consideration for her peers. These qualities are helping her in her social interactions at school, and I am proud to see the kind of person she is becoming."

- Sheila Mangione, 2002


"In 1993 we enrolled our son at Happy Time, our first introduction to its many benefits: educational, social and as a strong parental support network. Once again, we enrolled our daughter into Happy Time in 2000! Teacher Neita was there every day, all those years, at the door primarily to welcome our children into her “Bev Bozian” world of a nurturing, child-based program. I can remember receiving parenting advice, “food issue” tips, hints for what to do at home and even a little basic child education theory. We experienced great camaraderie with the other parents/classroom helpers and board members who became like an extended family for us and the children. And, everyone knows that Happy Time kids are the most adept at using scissors for Kindergarten readiness – they are famous for this skill! We found the Happy Time program responsive to our parental needs, concerns and schedules but foremost it has established a consistently playful, explorative and thoughtful center for children. If we had another child, they’d be there too!"

- Stephanie and Frank Ricceri, 2000


"Happy Time is the place to be for parents looking to nuture their child's development. The processess in which Neita uses for children to express their emotions and helping them foster positive social interaction is priceless. I learned so much through Neita's methods, that it makes me feel like a more equipped parent when it comes to conflict and dealing with the emotions of my children. The three year old class allowed my child to explore, create, play, and 'be'. This being the optimal way a young preschooler should be learning; through play and the senses. Thank-you Neita and Happy Time!"

- Dina Clark, 2009


"Happy Time is a truly magical place for your preschooler to begin his or her educational journey. Before coming to Happy Time, we visited all the preschools in the greater 5 cities/San Luis Obispo area but decided Happy Time was the best place for us. The child-centered developmental approach to learning and socialization allows your child to learn at their own pace. Although it may seem chaotic at times, each child takes what they need to learn at that point in time and believe it or not, by the end of their preschool years, they are ready to move on to kindergarten (even if you're not ready yet!). Not only does the developmental approach work wonders with children, Happy Time promotes a supportive family atmosphere. During our Happy Time years, we made lasting friendships with other families. My 10 year old still fondly remembers her "Happy Time" years, and sometimes even wishes she could go back!"

- Theresa Rosa, 2009


"Our daughter, Taylor, went to Happy Time for two years, 2006-2008. It was an incredible experience for Taylor and our family. Taylor just recently started Kindergarten and she was more than ready both scholastically and emotionally. As a mother, the best part of Happy Time is the feeling I got while Taylor was there. I knew she was in caring, capable hands and the look on her face when I picked her up said it all. She simply loved her preschool. We plan on sending our other daughter, Marly, to Happy Time next year. I am looking forward to it!"

- Noelle White, 2008


"Happy Time was a wonderful experience for my son. He loved playing with all of his friends. Many of our friends today are the friends we made a Happy Time. As a working parent in the classroom I was able to watch my son grow and develop into a happy and well adjusted child. He is doing great in kindergarten and I know the skills that he learned at Happy Time prepared him well for kindergarten."

- Nicole Londono, 2009