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                            Fires in the Night

 A book of prayers by David K. Eames  

"Fires in the Night is a collection of prayers to be prayed, not admired. It is not a book of lofty thoughts, romantic images, or cleverly worded phrases. It is not a book of poetry. It is a little book of prayers that I have prayed and that I now encourage the reader to repeat with me. 

This book and these prayers are not for those who are satisfied with                                                          their Christian walk... It is for those who are desperate for God...."

                                                                                                                               from the introduction

                                                      170 pages, Paperback    $10.95




 Paths of Blessing

    Included in this collection edited by David K. Eames are poems by Tersteegen and Suso, quotes from Andrew Murray and Jonathan Edwards, exhortations by John Wesley and Hans Waldvogel, testimonies by Jeanne Guyon, George Fox and Therese of Lisieux.  And much much more.  

140 pages.  Paperback   $10.95



 The Night Gertie Mae Brought Down the Glory

   In this collection gleaned from the pages of The Free Lance-Star newspaper (Fredericksburg, Virginia) columnist David K. Eames takes the reader on a wonderful journey filled with hilarious but true - well, mostly true - adventures, heart-warming family memories, and tales of the fantastic.   

 200 pages Paperback  $12.95




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