The Big Build

The BIG BUILD fundraising project aims to raise enough money to replace or significantly refurbish our preschool prefabricated building  which is situated on the site of Polehampton Infant School.  The committee at Happy Hours introduced the challenge to the local community in 2013 by holding the first building themed Family Fun Day that would kick started the fundraising. 

Why we came up with the idea of the Big Build..

If you’d been walking through Twyford in 1983, a few ‘new’ developments might have been on your mind. You may have been whistling along to Kajagoogoo whilst telling your pals they were going to be bigger than the Beatles. Or perhaps you were poo-pooing the introduction of Breakfast TV and predicting ‘it will never last’. However, if you had been strolling past the new pre-school on the grounds of Polehampton Infant School, there is every chance you would have either heard

or seen the tenants – a cheery bunch of 2 and a half to 5 year olds- making the most of their new home. Fast forward thirty years and although the building maybe jaded, the scene is very similar (apart from Kajagoogoo, of course)


The pre-school was – and still is- called Happy Hours. It is a community based pre-school run by an elected committee of parents and has in fact been serving the local community and caring for children since 1968. If you have lived in or around Twyford for any length of time there is every chance that you know someone who has been nurtured and cared for by one of the dedicated staff there. This is a team who have worked tirelessly over the years to create a stimulating, warm and secure environment for the children – our children.


Now, think how much you have changed (and aged) over the last 30 years. Well, Happy Hours’ deteriorating prefabricated home tells a similar story.The building has an uncertain lifespan but the staff and committee are determined to continue the long legacy of the preschool and guarantee a bright future. This year will see the launch of THE BIG BUILD, a project that aims to raise enough money to replace or significantly renovate the existing unit. THE BIG BUILD hopes to provide a revitalised and environmentally sustainable learning space. 

It will be specifically designed for the needs of all preschool children including those with special needs. If the project is successful the capacity of Happy Hours will rise. It could offer extra pre-school places, care for 2 year olds and provide additional employment opportunities. But it is going to be tough.


In looking forward they are keen to look back, and the BIG BUILD team feel it is Happy Hours’ history in the community that will help to drive its future success.  If you have any memories/photographs of Happy Hours Preschool from any time during the past 45 years or feel that you can help THE BIG BUILD cause in any way they would love to hear from you. Contact