My creations. 

  Circles to Squares Afghan


iPod Shuffle Arm Band ~ Click here for the free pattern.


 Headphone Cozies.  Click here for my free pattern!


Babette WIP 


Blanket for Mom-to-be, Cecily. 



Round Ripple Afghan for Cecily's Baby


Hat and Scarf Set for Charlotte

(modeled by Taylor :)


 Groovy Loops 'Ghan 2007



I am making this afghan for a friend at work.  It is Drew the Crochet Dude's pattern.  Click here for a link to his blog and patterns.

Here's Drew's finished 'ghan:

Drew has a Lulu store where you can download many of his great patterns, including the joining method I am going to try out for this afghan, it's called Dude Assembly and you can find it here for free!

I hope Drew doesn't mind my links to him!


 Log Cabin Afghan 2006. 


Monster Crochet's Wearable Web.

You can buy the pattern for $5 from Monster Crochet!

If you'd like it made for you let me know and I will ask Regina if that's okay.   I'm going to hang mine in the front window for Halloween when it's done.  I think  I'll make Mom one too!


James' Afghan 

 This is actually the pattern for the 5 1/2 hour afghan, but because I am using only one strand of Rainbow Boucle, instead of the three strands of acrylic that the pattern calls for it's going to take me a lot more than that!  At this stage I am about 5 or so hours into it.  One strand, and a K hook.  James is moving into his new condo before the end of this year and this is his housewarming gift.


  Various Scarves


WIP as of 9/25
Saraphina Shawl with Joann's Rainbow Boulce.
I love the color, reminds me of the new season of Autumn....which I love.    Hubby on the other hand was a bit morbid with his thoughts, lol.
The red is actually a lot more on the blood side of red then this pic shows. 
Update 10/1......Autumn Shawl is finished :)
I think this one is my favorite.



 Saraphina Shawls

You can find the free pattern here


My Hammock

Here's the pattern. 


 Kenzie's Crochet


Various Afghans



 Kitty, Kitty


 Fuzzy Teddy




 Felted Kitty Bed


Some of the work in the gallery can be ordered, but most of it is here to remind me of my UFO's, FO's, and WIP's...and even WIM's.   Some of the work here is also worked off of other hooker's patterns and I will try to remember to always give credit were credit is due.  And if the owner of the pattern is selling their own work I will give you the link to purchase the pattern or FO from them.  

I have so many pics to upload to this page, but no time to do it!

I just picked up a couple Crochet-Lite hooks.  I'm thinking I can make up all kinds of time crocheting at night into the wee hours. 

Thanks for looking!