Resource Links

On this page you will find all my favorite links for crochet, hooks, yarns, and other must haves! 

Amigurumi & Toys

Gourmet Amigurumi

Alphabet Pillows

Crafting Japanese


 Elizabeth D's Flickr

 Hackysack ball

 Frog Hacksack

 Jen's Stuffed Toy Archive

Joyful Toys

Adjustable Ring on Crochet Me!

 Mini Baskets

 Monster Crochet

 Crochet Me, Sprite

 Stary Golf Club Mits

 The Crafty Punk

Spiral Hacksack 



Katrina's Crochet Creations  <<new>>  Cute!


My Favorite List Links

 Crochet Pattern Central

208 Crochet Links 

 Stargazer Links (a lot)

Art of Tangle

TLC for Angels

Older List, Has some Goodies

Free (need to sign up and Adobe)

MSN Group 

Following Bliss (Teddy Bear Afghan + others)

HGTV Crochet 

Lots of Different Patterns with Pics

Sandy's List

Oak Trees Huge List

Shona's List

Snoopy's Great Big List

Nice Squares 

Tam's List 

Nice Vintage ($) 

Groovy Crochet

Diane Langan Designs 

Christina's List (found girls shrug here) 

 Shawls, Scarves and Hats

Trellis Poncho

Cocoon Sweater

Winter Wear 

Pretty Spring Sweater

Drops Design Sweater

Soft Memories


More Hats

Summer Cover Up

Marlo's Simple Hat

Saraphina's Shawl 

Moebius Shawl/Scarf (w/chainless foundations instruc.)

Hello Kitty Hat  <<new>>


Crochet Pattern Central Afghans


Mary's Graphs  (Graphs for Picture Afghans)

Elegant Crochet   (Bonnie Pierce's great squares)


Bags & Scrunchies

Graphs & Other Goodies 

Crochet Garden 


Beach Tote 

Hanging Plant Sling 

Interweave Crochet 

Crochet Dude's Patterns 


Toe Up Socks 

Spiderweb Skirt ($)

The Spiffer 


 Color Schemer

Crochet University

Free Craft Software

Supplies, Hooks

 Lone Star 

Brain's Barn

Deal Catching Hooks

Hummingbird Hooks

Maggie's Crochet

Turn of the Century

Glass Hooks 

Make Your Own



Twine (see my hammock pattern page!) 

Knitting Warehouse 

 Jojoland Custom Yarn



Smiley's Yarn



Supplies, Etc...

Animal Eyes

Carla's Beads 

Create for Less 

Crochet Books 

Crochet Cursors 

Crochet Supply Link List 



 Forums & Mailing Lists

CP:) Crochet Partners List 




Most of the patterns I find online are in other people's lists.  I always go to the lists first.  I have some indexed, but there are some great lists out there!

I've also listed some of my favorite online stores for crochet supplies and instruction.   


Check out Annie's Attic Free Pattern of the Day. 

And always a good laugh.....What Not to Crochet!

Please report any dead links, thanks!