Replacement Headphone Covers

Replace those lost headphone covers! 

 Crochet replacement headphone covers in a snap!

Materials needed: Bald headphones, scrap yarn and a crochet hook, slightly smaller than what you'd usually use.



Chain 4.  Leave the bottom chain loose so you can crochet all the stitches for the first row in the first loop.

In the first chain of the chain four from above, dc 12 times.

Pull the tail from the chain 4 tight closing it tight.  Dc one more stitch, 13th dc, picking up the tail working it into that last stitch.  Join at top of starting ch4.

Don't turn, ch 3 and work 2 dc into each stitch.

Join to top of first stitch.  Cut off yarn leaving a long tail.  Pull the yarn through the top of last stitch to secure.

Weave tail through top of every other dc from last row.

Place over the bald earphone and pull tail tight.  Most headphones have little teeth that are suppose to help hold on the foam, these will grab your yarn and they'll stay put.  Tuck the rest of the tail in.

Make Two!

Copyright 2008 HappyHooking aka J.Leonard


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