iPod Shuffle Arm Band

 Crochet an iPod Shuffle arm band in less than 15 minutes!

Supplies Needed:

Scrap yarn and whatever size hook works best with that yarn. 

I just crocheted a strip using dc behind the posts to make a strechy arm band.  Approx. 20 chains, dc in third chain from hook.   Work as many rows as needed to fit around upper arm by working bpdc in each dc from previous row.  Join the ends with a slip stitch. Make a small square with sc, leaving a tail long enough to sew it onto the arm band.

 It's useful to have your subjects arm available to size the band.  Also the iPod Shuffle to check the pocket.  You could go without the pocket seeing the shuffle will clip on.  You could also make it wider to fit other mp3 players and what not.  I think I'll try one for my husband's insulin pump so it stays put while he's sleeping, probably not in pink though ;-)

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