Crocheted Hammock

I looked and I looked for a hammock pattern everywhere until I just made one up myself! 


Size 7 or G Crochet Hook

5lbs of 12 ply Twine (I used butchers twine, mostly cotton, some poly)

Two 5' dowels (I used Handrails from Lowes) 

Time & Patience


Crochet a chain about 60" long or however wide you want your hammock to be.

Single crochet two rows.  ch 1 at end of row does not count as stitch.

Chain 4, skip one sc, double crochet in next stitch. *ch1, skip sc below, dc in next stitch*  repeat until the hammock is as long as you want.   I made mine 80" long, I have a tall husband.

Single crochet two rows as at start.

**One row of *dc, ch1*, started with a ch4 as in body.

One row sc.

Crochet tabs (5): (Note number of stitches are what I used with a 60" wide hammock, if you adjust the width you'll have to caculate what will work for you, if you need help with this email me.)

At end of last row of sc, ch1 turn (doesn't count as a stitch), sc 10, turn and repeat for a total of 13 rows.  Slip stitch down side of 13 sc rows and across the next 18 stitchs in the row of sc below.

Sc 18, turn and repeat 13 times. (remember ch1 at turns do not count as stitches), slip stitch down the 13 rows and across 18 sc from the row below.  Repeat this for a total of three tabs 18sc wide.

Repeat the 10 sc tab at the end.

Slip stitch across top of 10sc tab, chain 18, slip stitch across remaining tabs with 18 ch between each.

Ch1 turn, sc across.

Ch 4 turn, skip sc below, dc 1, *ch1, dc1* repeat until end of row.

Ch1 turn, sc row.

Fold over tabs and join with a slip stitch to fit your dowel.  I slipped stitched to the row of sc after the body of the hammock.  My dowel is about 3" thick.

Fastan off and join twine back at the other end and repeat from ** to build the tabs from the other end.

Finish wood dowels to protect from the elements and insert them on the ends.


It's now the end of hammock season and although I have the rope and rings to hang my hammock I probably won't do that part of this project until next spring.  That's going to take a bit of engineering.  I know what I want to do, but have a few different ideas.  I will post whatever I end up doing when I do it.

Please email me if you have any problems figuring this out, I don't write patterns, this is my first.  It's a fairly easy repeated pattern and once you get going it's pretty easy.  Working with the twine at first is a bit difficult, but worth it in the end.


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