Solar System Unit Study

Egg Salad Solar System
Students designed, drew, and dyed hard
boiled eggs to make unique egg planets.


(hard boiled egg)
has craters

Earth's Moon
(another hard boiled egg)
also has craters

(another hard boiled egg) has volcanoes

--use food coloring & vinegar for these.
We ate "Solar System Salad" sandwiches
(egg salad)
for lunch!

Solar System Mobile

Students studied Alexander Calder--the artist responsible for "inventing" the mobile. They payed tribute by fashioning their own.

Websites to help you sky watch

Compare Sizes of Planets & Stars

How big is that star?

Our classroom
offers students a variety of learning materials.

The center includes:
  • Planet name cards
    • to practice the order of the planets
  • Added student art work as the unit progressed

Books with Hands-On Projects

Sidewalk Solar System
Students measured the (scaled down)
distance between planets and drew

their renditions with sidewalk chalk.

We started at the Sun (the house)...
14" to Mercury
12" between Mercury and Venus
10" between Venus and Earth
19" between Earth and Mars
11' between Mars and Jupiter
13' between Jupiter and Saturn
29' between Saturn and Uranus
33' between Uranus and Neptune
29' between Neptune and dwarf planet Pluto

...and ended in the street!

Foodie Solar System
Students grasped (literally)
how planets compare to each other
in terms of size

After making planet name tags, students, spread food across our solar system kitchen.

sunflower seed
large grape
large grape (they are sister planets)
green pea
large head of cabbage
small head of lettuce
small apple

Compare planet sizes

Enjoy Your Unit Study

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