Book Club--Sacagawea

Book Club Highlights

Game: "Interpreter" (just like "telephone")

Sacagawea was an important interpreter for Lewis and Clark.
However, she could not speak directly to them because she did not know English. Instead, there was a "telephone" line of people:

English to French
French to Hidatsa
Hidatsa to Shoshone

Sacagawea intrepreting the message game
We played it four different times--each time sharing a fact about Sacagawea:

Sacagawea was a Shoshone
Sacagawea means bird woman
Sacagawea married Charbonneau
Jean-Babtiste's nickname was Pomp

There was a lot of giggling (a clue that the interpretation was off track).
However, at the end of the line, we discussed the original message.

Game: "Name that Bird"

Sacagawea means "bird woman". 
To show how Sacagawea may have identified birds during the expedition,
we listened to a bird song using  The Backyard Birdsong Guide,
then matched it to a bird

(Look below for the PDF file of the birds I used).

Listen to the birdsong and name that bird

: "Add the Louisiana Purchase"

What land did President Jefferson buy from the French?

--A wooden USA states puzzle was set up--with only the 13 original colonies placed in the map (states east of the Mississippi).
--Kids were then handed the states (no, boundaries will not be exact) that were part of the Louisiana Purchase.
--Kids added those states to the puzzle--noting that the USA still did not extend clear to the west coast. (Spain still owned that part.)

Adding Louisiana states to the wooden puzzle

Game: What Animal Spirit Are You?

Our book touched on the importance of animals in the Native American life.
As the characters time traveled, they heard animal sounds--and later found out which animal was their animal spirit.

Before book club I prepared slips of paper with a picture of an animal and its animal spirit message--found at this website. Kids took turns choosing a slip paper from a gift bag and finding their "assigned" animal spirits.

It was fun reading about each characteristic.
One kid even said, "Wow! These animals fit each of us perfectly!"

(Look below for the PDF file of the animals I used.
Note: this is set up for a duplex printer)


We served a USA chocolate cake highlighting the Louisiana Purchase.
(of course every kid wanted the "piece with the sprinkles". I'll know to make the whole thing with sprinkles next time!)

Louisiana Purchase Cake

We chose to read:
Blast to the Past: Sacagawea's Strength

by Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon

To learn more about Sacagawea,
we checked out some books from the library

and found some handy websites.

Sacagawea books from the library

Easy Reader & Short Bios
Sacagawea, Lewis, and Clark      Lilly, Melinda
Read about Sacagawea      Feinstein, Stephen
Sacagawea : Indian guide      Cosson, M. J.

A bit more information—but easy to understand
Sacagawea : Brave Shoshone Girl      Collard, Sneed B.
A Picture Book of Sacagawea      Adler, David A
Sacagawea : Native American Interpreter      Alter, Judy
Sacagawea      Sutcliffe, Jane

A novel (more in-depth than the book club book)
Sacagawea      St. George, Judith

Graphic Novels
Sacagawea : Journey into the West      Gunderson, Jessica Sarah
Sacagawea      Dunn, Joeming W.

Sacagawea: heroine of the Lewis and Clark journey—Questar DVD Collection

Websites to help explain mapping (one of Lewis and Clark's goals)

SRTM--Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (their homepage)
SRTM--explained by Wikipedia

Shoshone Indians
Shoshone Indians on PBS

Map of Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase on Wikipedia

U.S. Mint Westward Journey Nickel Series
U.S. Mint Westward Journey lesson plan idea
POMP The True Story of the Baby on the Sacagawea Dollar

Online Sacagawea Games and Information
"Paper" Doll--Dress up Sacajawea any way you like!
The Faces of Sacagawea
"Funtrivia" Sacagawea Game

Online Lewis and Clark Games
Lewis and Clark Rafting
Various Lewis and Clark games
National Geographic Go West with Lewis and Clark
The Lewis and Clark Adventure

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