PoP! goes Andy Warhol

posted Apr 26, 2012, 6:14 PM by E Filippi
Our youngest kid and Andy Warhol have one thing in common: A love for wigs!
We made this one from paper plates and torn pieces of paper.

This wig only took us about 10 minutes to make (and obviously looks more like a hat).
If you have more time, try this more elaborate wig.

A fashionable Andy Warhol wig

The "center" includes books from the library, art cards (small images of his art),
coloring pages of his art and anything the kids want to add.

Andy Warhol learning area
Here is an Andy Warhol Soup Can coloring page that is fun to color in outrageous colors.

Some of our favorite Andy Warhol books:
favorite Andy Warhol books

Lives of the Artists  by Kathleen Krull has short bios with good humor.
Andy Warhol by Mike Venenzia is good; but the kids like the video even better.
We love the series Who is the Artist? with Kay Alexander.

I always enjoy getting a stack of books in a wide variety of reading levels--including this picture book that's "below" their reading level. I found the more we read about his art and the more we see his work, the more familiar they become with each piece. It's common to hear, "Hey! we just saw that!" and proceed to flip though the pile of books to find the matching picture.

The girls used photoshop to make images
similar to Andy Warhol's prints of famous people.

Andy Warhol student art

Andy Warhol student art