I Ate A Rainbow Today!

posted Mar 20, 2012, 8:45 AM by E Filippi   [ updated Mar 20, 2012, 9:28 AM ]
All this hoopla about government regulations concerning public school lunch programs has us thankful we have the freedom to devour delicious, nutritious, fresh meals everyday without stressing about the whole matter. When snack time & lunch time roll around (which is when we happen to be hungry) we open the fridge, select some fruit, and feast on a rainbow of colors.

After attending a health fair/fun fair at the local community hospital, I realized I wasn't eating the full spectrum--and for health reasons, I needed to. So I headed home to make a chart that the whole family could use to check off their colors everyday, Those who eat their rainbow get bragging rights with magnets that are displayed on the refrigerator:

Display your "bragging rights" magnet after you reach the goal

We check the fridge every night before supper and discuss how each person can incorporate any of their missing colors. It's usually as easy as eating half a banana or dishing out a small cup of applesauce.

We have found that Blue/Purples are the hardest for use to check off everyday. We've learned to stock the fridge with purple grapes, blueberries, and even the no-sugar added blueberry applesauce cups. We've also convinced one of our kids to add raisins to her morning oatmeal or on lettuce salad. Find what works best for your family.

Here is the chart I designed, laminated, and glued a large flat magnet to the back. It hangs on our fridge so each family member can mark off their color as they eat it. We use a Wet erase marker--NOT a dry erase. Dry erase kept accidentally getting smudged off by other users; wet erase (found at the local office supply store) stays on all day without problem.

I Ate A Rainbow Today chart for the fridge

In the white column on the far left, we write each family member's name so they may have their own row. The entire right side of the page gives all kinds of fruit and vegetable ideas--so no one can say, "Well, I didn't know what to eat!" No excuses! :)

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