Botany Fun

posted Mar 28, 2012, 8:41 AM by E Filippi
The kids always get more excited about learning when there is a craft added. Currently, the girls are attending a homeschool class through the county that focuses on habitats. During each class, they travel to various forest preserves in our area as the local naturalist leads them on hikes and explains the wildlife/insects/foliage of our area. The girls are eager to share their new knowledge when the arrive home--and always have more questions. So lately botany has been the focus around our home. Lucky for me it's a great theme for Spring!

I shuffled through my storage closet and found nomenclature cards for 1) woody plants 2) herbaceous plants 3) parts of a leaf. Then I found/thought up crafts that would complement each. Here are the results...

Trees from paper lunch bags
On Pinterest I found these cute trees made out of paper lunch bags--perfect!
Here are directions for the tree craft.

We twisted the trees on the first day and added leaves on the second day (made easy with a maple leaf paper punch I bought a few years ago)

Adding leaves to the woody plant

Both days we talked about woody plants and their characteristics. I also had them color their own nomenclature cards. We'll continue to reference these as we continue our botany discussion throughout the month.

The craft with a set of nomenclature cards

Here is another neat learning activity involving trees

Here's an example of tree nomenclature cards