Several years ago I purchased the contents of a school library in Stratcona, Ontario.  The school had been closed for some time and converted to a residence, but the library had remained intact.  Most of the books were pre-1920.

Some I sold and many I kept for my own collection, but I was still left with several boxes, that had little resale value or interest.  Since they had been stored inside, they were clean and free from moisture damage, so I tried to find a way to repurpose them.  Googling, I discovered many sites that offered instructions for hand crafted items made from book board.  Since I was then putting together a dollhouse for my granddaughter, I decided to try making some of her dollhouse furniture from the boards.

Since many were marbled, or embossed, they made interesting raw material for my tiny projects, like the modesty screen below.

Harvesting discarded items was not new to me.  I had been doing it for years, dressing dolls.  All I needed for this area of creativity, was a Dremel, a few carving tools and lots of old books.

These I already had.