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Energy Monitor and Carbon Footprint

Go to the library to borrow an energy monitor (they had 14 available last time I checked) to monitor your Energy Usage.


energymonitorWe could save thousands of tonnes of carbon, and loads of money if we were more careful. Trouble is, if it isn’t in figures we can picture, it doesn’t really sink in. That’s why an energy monitor is a brilliant idea.

These clever little gadgets tell you in real time, exactly how much energy you’re using. More importantly they also calculate how much money that energy usage is costing you – also in real time. Be prepared for a shock if you leave the TV on standby overnight!

An energy monitor will really make you think about your energy usage, and they store data over long periods of time, which means you can see how much progress you’re making with cutting your usage and saving money.

So, go to the Library and borrow your Energy Monitor. 

I have 1 hot watter tank jacket to give away, two draught proofing strips and few radiator foils...

Before next meeting you can calculate your Carbon footprint and share your results with others.

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