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What is 10:10?

10:10 is a movement of people, schools, businesses and organisations cutting their carbon by 10% in 2010.

What can you do?

From 10,000 schools planting trees in Croatia and Russia to a carbon-cutting TV telethon in The Netherlands, sumo wrestlers cycling to training in Japan to solar installations on the homes of world leaders, thousands of events are planned. You could mark 10:10:10 with a low-carbon Sunday lunch, on the 10th October to make your home or workplace more efficient, or plan something more ambitious.

What will I do on 10/10/10?

I am organising a Low-Carbon Sunday Lunch after a bike ride to celebrate my success. 

Click on the picture to open it as a pdf.

Join 10:10

If you haven't already, click here to join the movement to reduce emissions (it's very quick and it's free).