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Social networking & Phone Policy

The welfare, protection and safety of every child in my care is of paramount importance, and I take my responsibility to safeguard children seriously. I have
procedures in place which I ask everyone to respect, to help promote the safety of the children in my care.


Before a child start his settling in session I ask parent to fill a Photo Permission Form.

I take photos of the children playing or doing activities to record milestones, good moments and for marketing purpose (if the parents have given me written permission) with my iPhone. My phone is password protected and I may download the photos onto my laptop which is password protected too. I don't download the photos on any other computer.

I would like to ask all not to take photos of children without their parents' permission.

Social networking websites (such as Facebook, Twitter)

I have a blog, a website and social networking page on Facebook and on twitter.
I work in Partnership with Parents. I may connect with some of the parents through their personal social networking pages but I don't divulge any photos or personal information through the web without written permission. I do not share any information online that I would not share with people face to face or information that could be considered as confidential. See my Confidentiality Policy. Please respect this and do the same.


My place of work is my home. I childmind from 7 till 5:30. I welcome parents phone call to speak about their concerns but please don't phone or text too late at night as I need my rest too and if you phone during the day please consider that I may be busy looking after the safety of very young children.

As I have received too many cold calls I have now blocked my home phone from receiving calls from "Withheld numbers" if it is your case please phone my mobile phone and leave a message if I am not answering. I will return your call.

Policy written by Marie Parker on 26 July 2012