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Sick Children & Medication

I promote the good health of children attending the setting. If a child is found to be ill the parents will be contacted and will need to collect their child immediately or else send a designated adult to take their child home. This is for the protection of all the children and my own. If I cannot work then everyone loses out. I take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection, and take appropriate action if children are ill.

It is my policy not to take children with illnesses or infection that may be passed on to other children. This includes Flu, Chicken pox, Mumps, Measles, German measles, Impetigo, sickness and or Diarrhoea.

Illnesses or infection excluded from this policy of exclusion (following NHS advise) are cold sores, slapped cheek, tonsillitis, conjunctivitis and glandular fever. 


If children are taking antibiotics, they should not attend the Happy Frogs in the recommended period from Health Protection Agency (For more information please look at printer friendly document of Health Protection Agency). Afterwards I am happy to welcome them if they are otherwise fit and healthy.

All details about a child’s needs for medicines will be entered in the medicine book by parent and signed by both the parent and myself.  Medicine (both prescription and non-prescription) are only administered to a child where written permission for that particular medicine has been obtained from the child’s parent.

Medicines are not usually administered unless they have been prescribed for a child by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist (medicines containing aspirin should only be given if prescribed by a doctor).

 I keep a written record each time a medicine is administered to a child, and inform the child’s parents on the same day.

If I am taking medication which may affect my ability to care for children, I will seek medical advice. I will only work with children if medical advice confirms that the medication is unlikely to impair my ability to look after children properly. Medication on the premises is securely stored and out of reach of children at all times.

Written by Marie Parker updated on 13 Feb 2013