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Sandpit Policy

Whilst sandpits can provide great play and learning opportunities they can also pose several health and safety risks.

  • I will only use sand that is suitable for play and purchased from a recognised source.
  • I will regularly ensure the sand is changed.
  • I will ensure the sandpit has adequate drainage to prevent the sand from becoming water logged. Insects can live in damp sand and may bite or sting children
  • I will ensure the sandpit is covered to prevent it being used as a litter tray by cats and other visitors to the garden
  • I will ensure that the children are closely supervised whilst playing in the sandpit.
  • I will ask the children to wear hats of keep the sandpit shaded when sunny.
  • I will teach them about keeping the sand low to avoid it getting in their own and others eyes.

Written on 19th Sept 2013