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Health & Safety

I believes that the health and safety of children is of paramount importance. 
  • I aim to make children, parents and visitors aware of health and safety issues and to minimise the hazards and risks to enable the children to thrive in a healthy and safe environment.

Insurance cover
I have public liability insurance.  The certificate for public liability insurance is displayed in my entrance and attached bellow.


Awareness raising & identifying hazards. 

  • Health and safety issues are explained to the parents of new children so that they understand the part played by these issues in the daily life of the setting.
  • My house has been carefully checked by Ofsted on each inspection and I carry out my own regular checks.
  • I operate a no smoking policy.
  • Children are made aware of health and safety issues through discussions, planned activities and routines. 
  • Experts are employed to undertake any work which requires electrical / maintenance work.
  • Any hazardous / cleaning materials are kept in storage out of reach.
  • I keep all cleaning chemicals in their original containers.
  • I report hazards or accident from outside my settings to the relevant authorities. 
  • My Health and Safety records and near-miss incidents are kept at the back of my register book and can be view by parents and visitors on request. 
  • Parents and visitors should free to point out to me any hazards or concerns. Concerns or suggestions can be written at the back of my register book.
  • All accident are recorded in the accident book signed by witness and parents.


  • All floor surfaces are checked daily.

Electrical/gas equipment

  • All electrical/gas equipment conforms to safety requirements and is checked regularly.
  • Electric sockets, wires and leads are properly guarded and the children are taught not to touch them.
  • There are sufficient sockets to prevent overloading.
  • The temperature of hot water is controlled to prevent scalds.
  • Lighting and ventilation is adequate in all areas including storage areas.


  • All resources and materials from which children select are stored safely.
  • All equipment and resources are stored or stacked safely to prevent them accidentally falling or collapsing.

Outdoor area

  • My gardens are securely fenced.
  • Our outdoor area is checked for safety and cleared of rubbish before it is used.
  • Adults and children are alerted to the dangers of poisonous plants, herbicides and pesticides.
  • Where water can form a pool on equipment, it is emptied before children start playing outside.
  • My outdoor sand pit is covered when not in use and is cleaned regularly.
  • All outdoor activities are supervised at all times.
  • Older children have opportunities to discuss the house-rules, sometime adapt them according to the needs of all of the children and my capacity to supervise. (example for an unwritten rule on the back road: with the bike you are allowed to go up to the lamp post but toddlers have to stay with me up to that lamp post)


  • For outings I assess the risks and I encourage the children to be safety minded.
  • I make sure the children are appropriately dressed for the outing and that I have with me the essentials (money, nappies, wipes, keys, phone, drinks...)
  • I have high visibility jackets for all the children and myself, we wear them in places like Valley Gardens, Harewood House, big walk... 
  • For visit to public places like a farm where I may not be able to go prior to the visit with the children I may ask for them to give me their own Risk Assessment.
  • I phone 0800 57 3553 if a water leak presents a danger (the water can freeze & present risks of slippage) 
  • I contact North Yorkshire if a drain cover is missing or if the hedges are so overgrown we have to walk on the road on my school route or any path I use with the children. 
  • I contact Harrogate Dog Warden Service on 01423 500 600 if I see a stray dog looking dangerous or Harrogate Customer Service on same number if the path is littered with broken glasses or dangerous stuff needing cleaning. 
  • I follow my emergency procedure if something happens to one of the children or myself.
  • If you wish to see specific risk assessment please open the documents at the bottom of this page.


My current Food Rating is 5 stars. My last inspection from Harrogate Borough Council was 19 March 2013. When inspected by NYCC CSO on 10/12/12 I was rated "clean". I am a member of Harrogate food safety forum.

  • Our daily routines encourage the children to learn about personal hygiene.
  • I have a daily cleaning routine for the setting which includes kitchen and toilets.
  • We implement good hygiene practices by:

- cleaning tables between activities;
- cleaning and checking toilets regularly;
- wearing protective clothing as appropriate;
- providing accessible face wipes for each child and kitchen paper.
- asking the parents to provide sets of clean clothes and tooth brushes for after breakfast, lunch and tea;
- I change the children on a mat on the floor using my body as a shield to provide privacy for the child.
        -Could I ask parents of children in nappies to provide own nappy changing kit including changing mat (to avoid cross contamination).

Activities and resources

  • Before purchase or loan, equipment and resources are checked to ensure that they are safe for the ages and stages of the children currently attending the setting.
  • The layout of play equipment allows adults and children to move safely and freely between activities.
  • All equipment is regularly checked for cleanliness and safety and any dangerous items are repaired or discarded.
  • All materials, including paint and glue, are non-toxic.
  • Sand is clean and suitable for children’s play.
  • Physical play is constantly supervised.
  • Children are taught to handle and store tools safely.
  • Children learn about health, safety and personal hygiene through the activities & routines.
  • Any faulty equipment is removed from use and is repaired. If it cannot be repaired it is discarded.

See my emergency plan for more information.

Further reading ; Managing Risk in Play Provision: Implementation guide.


Dear Parents and visitor; Please let me know if you wish to report any Health and Safety risk or concern.

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