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Food & Drink

It is my policy that when children are provided with meals, snacks and drinks, in my setting these must be healthy, balanced and nutritious. We use home grown, local products whenever possible and organic products as often as possible. We buy in our local shop very often.
We use some fairtrade products like bananas and coffee.

Children who have special diet requirements can usually be accommodated.

I sit with the children whilst eating round the table and encourage good table manners. I try to make meal times an enjoyable experience.

  • I will obtain record and act on information from parents about a child’s dietary requirements.
  • Where parents provide meals for their children to eat in my setting I will provide chilled storage for packed lunches and appropriate storage areas for other foodstuffs.
  • I will also provide clean and age appropriate crockery and cutlery to enable the children to eat a packed lunch.
  • Children will be provided with healthy meals and other healthy snacks and drinks. If I have a difficult eater he will be offered the same food as the others, main course, a side dish or salad and puding (or what the parent have provider or requested) he will not be rewarded at the end of the meal by extra sugary treat.
  • I encourage good table manners (eat in the kitchen and at the table) those old enough to understand it will not have pudding at the end of the meal (we will organise a 2pm snack but the child will understand that he has to wait for it if he leaves early) Parents are advised if their child is not eating well and if the pudding is given at 2pm instead of just after meal.
  • Fresh drinking water/milk will be available at all times.
  • Pets will be kept out of the food preparation area at all times. (I don't have any pet at the time of writing this)
  • Baby changing facilities will not be near food preparation areas.

If there is an outbreak of food poisoning affecting two or more children looked after on my premises I will notify Environmental Health within 14 days of the incident occurring in order to comply with regulations.

Written by Marie Parker on 26 July 2012, updated 3rd February 2014