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Admissions & Ratio

Childcare enquiry & Registering

Call us on 07968 744 719 to organize a visit and fill the forms at the bottom of this page to give to us in person or sent to home @  (or request for me to print them for your visit if you can't do it at home)

During your first visit we will discuss the contract, routines and settling-in procedure according to your child personality, I may ask you do 2 short sessions depending on the age and confidence of your child. When you are in my house for the first visit or at pick-up and drop off the responsibility for your child lies with you, when you have left, with me.

Emergency or add-hoc childcare

1. contact me on home @ or text 07968 744 719 with the hours needed. You need to be registered (see above)

2. I send you a fee for your request by email (if I have the vacancy, if not I inform you if I can’t help)

3. you pay the fee in advance by childcare voucher or bank transfer & confirm your booking by email after payment. Cash is accepted only in certain situation (ie; you don't do internet banking...) & is requested in advance.


At any one time, I may care for a maximum of six children under the age of eight, a maximum of three may be under 5 children only up to two children under the age of one.
The care provided for older children does not adversely affect the care of children receiving early years provision.

If I can demonstrate to parents and inspectors that the individual needs of all the children are being met, then exceptions to the usual ratios can be made when caring for siblings, or when caring for my own children. If young children only attend my setting before and/or after a normal school day, and/or during school holidays, they may be cared for at the same time as three other young children. But in all circumstances, the total number of children under the age of eight being cared for will not exceed six, unless I employ an assistant or works with another childminder, each childminder (or assistant) may care for the number of children permitted by the ratios specified above. Children may be left in the sole care of my assistants for 2 hours at most in a single day. I request parents’ permission to leave children with an assistant at time of registration (form bellow).

    I am happy to take on any baby/child within the Statutory Framework  numbers described above and will not discriminate against children or their families for reasons such as race, religion, sex or ability, however I would like to make the following statements:

- When taking-on additional children I take into consideration the children already in my care who are happy and settled.

- We already drop off/collect children from St Roberts School therefore I am unable to collect children from any other school unless it is at different time as our existing school run.

- I am happy to take on children with special needs providing I feel I can provide them with the care they need. (For example I will not be able to provide one to one care if I have the other children to care for and my home is not suitable for wheelchairs)     

- All children are welcomed into my home and I encourage the other children in my care to support me with this. 


Policy written by Marie Parker and reviewed on 8th December 2016

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30 Jun 2013, 08:48
Marie Parker,
30 Jun 2013, 08:44
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8 Dec 2016, 05:32