Resources and activities reflecting multi-culturs.

Multiculturalism is at the hearth of who I am.

Before moving to Harrogate in 1999, I have lived in 7 different countries including France (dans le quartier Arabe de Metz, incidentally called Quartier des Allemands), Germany, Czech Republic,Tunisia, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland  I speak and write fluently 2 languages (I let you guess which ones), I understand and speak 2 further languages (Czech and German) and understand Spanish and a bit of Polish.

French culture

Is my French culture not considered on it’s own as multi-cultural? France has a wide ethnic mix which reflects its history as a colonial power. Like for the British Commonwealth, France had and still has territories a bit everywhere in the World (Martinique, Guadeloupe, La Réunion...) French is spoken by more than 230,000 people in the world. There are 29 countries where French is an official language.
In 2008, the French national institute of statistics INSEE estimated that 11.8 million foreign-born immigrants and their direct descendants lived in France representing 19% of the country's population. About 5.5 million are of European origin and 4 million of Maghrebi origin.[5][6] Among the 802,000 newborns in metropolitan France in 2010, 27.3% had at least one foreign-born parent and about one quarter (23.9%) had at least one parent born outside of EU.[7][8]


Would speaking 2 languages on a daily basis not considered as multi-cultural on it's own? Please see my equal opportunity policy to see when I speak French, when I speak English and when I learn the basics of a child home language in my setting (see testimony from Karolina).

LeapFrog Interactive Talking Globe

Interactive talking globe.

Touch the Explorer Globe with the NearTouch pen and listen to what it tells you. A great learning experience. The Talking Globe will instantly pinpoint global identification of countries, capitals, continents, oceans, National music for each country and more! Providing accurate up to date information on population, currency, size and time of day! The Explorer Globe will teach you the distance and flying time between two points on the globe. With challenging learning games for all to play and progressively helpful hints for younger children the Globe alone covers most of the areas learning and development of The EYFS.


I may have way over 200 children books. Mostly in English and French but as well Spanish, German and Polish.

For 1 to 3 years: As well as a rich collection of hard back books (All Kind of People, A Lift-the-Flap Book, let's learn actions) I have over 14 POPI and still receive one per month.

POPI is the only French monthly magazine written around one central theme of toddlers day to day life: We learn about dirt & clean, saying good by, mother & father, accident & emergency services…

For 3 to 7 years: As well as a rich collection of paper back (l'oiseau de pluie, boots for a bridesmaide...)and hard back books (Le grand livres des maternelles with ideas of activities, Poids lourds et companies with representation of outside safety agencies) I have over 40 Pomme d'api.

Pomme d'Api is the best French magazine for the Early years, different stories every month often reflecting multi culturalism and equal opportunities, games, philosophy for little one. Ideal to ask questions and to find the answers to understand the world around us.

De 7 à 10 ans

I have 28 "J'aime lire" and receive one more every month. Containing varied captivating stories, facts, games… 

De 7 à 11 ans

ASTRAPI: Reportages, BD, activités… pour comprendre le monde et s'y sentir bien !

If parents wish to borrow books from me please take advantage of my lending policy, if you prefer to receive your own to keep at home I beneficie of 10% discount because I am a French Tutor. 

DVDs: I have over 20 quality DVDs, some reflect ethnicity (Kirikou), gender and disability (Un petit frêre pas comme les autres), social class (Poulou et Sebastien).

SONGS: We often sing French song including at playgoups. Our favorites are : Tête, épaule, jenous pieds, Il était une fermière and L'araigné Gypsy.

RADIO: We listen to "Henry Dés" Radio on the iPhone App  or Chante France Radio.

Dressing up

From the cow-boy hat to the French beret or the flamenco dancer outfit, my dressing up box reflects multiculturalism.  


Every Thursday has a different theme reflecting a different culture including a meal reflecting that culture.
For example: On the 6th December we celebrated St Nicolas, with a German guest (and her dog) we had home-made goulash as main course, German cakes, we song some French Christmas Songs and made Xmas cards.


In the kitchen we have a beautiful, large and attractive quality coated world map featuring the five continents and the oceans, with fun and colourfully illustrated overviews of topics such as fauna and flora, historical, political and geographical markers, culture, major metropolises, mountains and rivers, important characters, landmarks and national flags. Each illustration is accompanied by a number that refers to an explanatory legend. Clear and concise, its main quality is definitely its clever combination of aesthetics, playfulness and serious information.


The doll house is habited by Indian looking dolls, most of the “little world" people reflect multi-cultural society Michael and SonyaLee are respectively Arab looking and Chines.  

Puzzle : Balamory,

Games: jeu des 7 familles

CPD: I have followed a training "Supporting children learning English as an additional Language" and I follow the Guidance for EYFS.