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15 h or 30 h funded Childcare for 3 years old

  1. What you are entitled to:

3 or 4 years old can have 15 or 30 of funded education for 38 weeks of the year. 15 hours "Universal" and 15 hours "extra". For the "extra" hours you register on to get a 11 digit code. 

Les Happy Frogs can provide Funded places as we are ratted good by Ofsted and I was accredited Leading Childminder by North Yorkshire Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership.

For paid-for childcare (until your child qualifies for funding and/or wrap-around-school childcare)  you have a fee described in my page "Price" and absolutely everything is included in my fee and all admission procedure, French Classes, outings, activities and food are free.

15 and 30 Funded early learning is no longer fully free due to low funding and the funding is not intended to cover the cost of meals, consumables, additional hours or additional services.

        2. Funded children "Admission" fee and procedure is as follow:

On our first telephone meeting we speak about your child, your childcare needs and what I can offer to you.
We discuss hours/sessions that can be taken as free provision and extra costs. 
The pattern of funded hours are 9:15 till 11:45 till 15:15 (5 times 6 hours = 30 hours),
Verify eligibility code
Cut-off date: 11th August 2017 for Autumn Term 2017

If you think you may want a "Funded" place you get an appointment  where you come with your child.
& I send you by email the "Admission pack",
  1. Child information form and
  2. Child permission form. 
  3. Draft Parental agreement

    3 or 4 years old can have 15 or 30 of funded education for 38 weeks of the year. 15 hours "Universal" and 15 hours "extra", if you share with another provider you need to take your "Universal" hours with me, and this should be written in the Parental agreement you have with me and the other provider.
If you request the "Admission pack" printed I charge £5:

When you want to reserve a place you book a £5 settling-in session and pay £50 refundable Deposit per month to secure funded place : The deposit will be refunded to parents on headcount week if your child is still with us that week, you will be informed when you book your child of headcount week date (For children starting in September, Headcount is 2nd October 1st April, headcount is 26th May). (The purpose of the deposit is to give providers certainty that a parent will take up the place. Local authorities should work with providers to determine a reasonable timescale for refunding deposits to parents. Local authorities and providers should make clear to parents that if a parent fails to take up their place, the provider is not obliged to refund the deposit.)

The settling-in session can be booked shortly ahead of the start of the funded hours for £5 or if not possible on the first day your child comes for his funded session he comes for 1 hour only (no cost). (If your child has been with me for more than 2 months when he reaches the age to get free funding the fee structure for "Admission" above doesn't apply, it's free but refundable deposit applies).

        3.  The Funded childcare ongoing costs are as follow:

2 mini French Tuition will be given each day. One at 9:30 (songs), one after Lunch (stories), they cost £5 each.  (£10 per day)

Parents of Funded Children can provide their own food and drink or pay in advance per term £1 per breakfast, £2 per lunch and £1 for afternoon snack. Of course Milk and Water are provided free of charge to all.

I spend 2 days per year training and the 6.5 hours I spend training will be deducted from your allocated number of Funded hours in summer term and Autumn term.

The hours during which the free entitlement can be taken with the Happy Frogs are from 8:15 till 17:00. 

The Early Years Funding (unlike childcare paid by the parents) does not cover food. 

When your child qualifies for a free place

The table below shows when your child will become eligible for their free early learning place.

If your child is born between:

They are eligible for a free place from:

1 April and 31 August

1 September following their third birthday or the beginning of the autumn* school term

1 September and 31 December

1 January following their third birthday or the beginning of the spring* school term

1 January and 31 March

 1 April following their third birthday or the beginning of the summer* school term

Founded weeks are:

12.67 weeks -Summer term 2017
15 weeks - Autumn 2017
10.33 - Spring 2018

        4. Based on equal  three-term school year: Example of how flexible I could be:

A child is taking 10 hours of their universal funded hours per week at a provider who

is open for less than the funded 12.67 weeks, e.g. an independent school open for

10 weeks (Provider 1). They wish to claim another 10 hours (5 universal and 5

extended) at another provider (Provider 2) – provider 2 could operate term time only

or all year round. They want to use the remaining funding for holiday care (Holiday

Provider) – holiday care could be taken at provider 2 if they operate all year round.

Provider 1: 10 hours × 10 weeks = 100 universal termly funded hours – for child

Provider 1: 10 hours funding –to claim on universal headcount

Provider 2: 10 hours (5 universal and 5 extended) × 12.67 weeks = 127 – for child

Provider 2: 5 hours funding –to claim on universal headcount

Provider 2: 5 hours funding –to claim on extended entitlement headcount

Holiday Provider: 100 (termly funded hours used at provider 1) + 127 (termly funded

hours used at provider 2) = 227 (total funded hours already used by child)

Holiday Provider: 380 (total termly funded hours entitlement) – 227 (total funded

hours already used by child) = 153 – for child

The Holiday Provider will claim the funded hours on an after headcount adjustment,

due to the child not attending on headcount week. If this is taken with provider 2, the

holiday element must still be recorded as an after headcount adjustment – further

guidance to follow.

Extra financial help

The free entitlement may not cover your family’s needs because of things like work commitments. If this is the case you may be able to get financial help with the costs of extra childcare.

In order to offer funded early education places, I am registered with North Yorkshire Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership, specifically for the purpose of claiming Nursery Education Grant.
Contact me, come for a free visit and if you like what you see I help you do the paperwork.



Is my child eligible for 30 hours Funding from 1 September 2017?

If your child was born between 01/09/2012 and 31/08/2014, they may be eligible for 30 hours Funding, dependent upon the parent meeting eligibility criteria

Am I eligible to apply for 30 hours funding?

The eligibility criteria can be found either on the North Yorkshire County Council website using the following link or on the government website



I only want to use 15 hours ‘Universal’ Funding, do I need to apply for this.

No. All 3 to 4-year-olds in England can get 15 hours a week ‘Universal’ funding for 38 weeks of the year. Parents can begin claiming this funding, the term after their child turns 3 and this does not need to be applied for.

My child has accessed the 30 hours in the Summer term, am I eligible in Autumn?

All parents who applied for the additional funding in Summer term must reapply. Parents details will be checked directly with HMRC for Autumn applications so being eligible in Summer does not guarantee eligibility in Autumn.

How do I apply and who do I apply to?

Applications are to be made directly to HMRC via the Childcare Choices website at Parents do not apply via their provider OR NYCC. Parents will be directed to the website where they will be required to create a Government Gateway account, and will apply online using this.

When do I apply?

Parents should be encouraged to apply the term before their child meets the age criteria, to ensure they have time to access a place at the start of the term after the child turns 3. If they don’t, parents will need to wait until the following term to access their 30 hours place.

To be able to access 30 hours funding from 1st September 2017, a parent must apply before 31st August 2017.

Do I only need to apply once?

No. Parents need to re-confirm their eligibility for their 30 hours funding every three months and re-confirm their eligibility with HMRC. A message will be sent from HMRC to the ‘secure messages’ section of the parent’s Government Gateway account reminding them when to re-confirm.

I cannot access the Internet or I require assistance with my application?

Parents who need assistance to apply (or who do not have access to the internet) can call the childcare service Customer Interaction Centre on 0300 123 4097 and apply over the phone. However if parents complete their original application over the phone, they will then need to phone the Customer Interaction Centre to reconfirm their eligibility.



I applied online and have been given a voucher code? What do I now do to be able to access my funding?

If eligibility is confirmed by HMRC, you will have been given an 11 digit voucher code. You will need to take this to your chosen childcare provider, along with:

·     your surname

·     your date of birth

·     your National Insurance number

·     your child’s date of birth

Once your chosen childcare provider has validated your code, they will confirm your funded place with you.

I applied online and have been advised I am not eligible, what happens now?

The national 30 hours funding process is now administered by HMRC, not NYCC. If a parent believes they have been incorrectly advised they are not eligible, they will need to contact HMRC directly regarding their decision.

I received 30 hours funding in the Summer Term, but have been told I am not eligible for funding for the Autumn Term?

The national 30 hours funding process is now administered by HMRC, not NYCC. If a parent believes they have been incorrectly advised they are no longer eligible for the Autumn term, they will need to contact HMRC directly regarding their decision.

In accordance with Department of Education guidelines for the Summer 2017 pilot scheme , a parent signed a declaration form to confirm their eligibility and that they met the criteria. 15% of applicants were then asked by NYCC to submit evidence and were individually checked to confirm their eligibility.

Therefore if a parent was granted funding in the Summer Term by NYCC, this does not automatically mean they will be eligible in the Autumn term. Therefore eligibility needs to be re-confirmed for all parents by HMRC, for the Autumn term.


 Key Information – Provider Queries

A parent has passed me a voucher code? What do I now do?

If eligibility is confirmed by HMRC, the parent will have received an 11 digit voucher code. Before you confirm availability of a funded place to the parent, you will need to verify the code.

This is done by logging into the FIS Synergy Provider Portal at

A new tab has been created on the ‘Funding’ tab called ‘Eligibility Checker’. Details on how to validate a code, were sent by Joanne Webster via email on 11th June.

I have validated a voucher code. however the ‘Voucher End Date’ is in the middle of Autumn term. Can I accept this and when is it valid until?

Yes you can accept the code. Each code has a grace period end date, this is the date the parent is eligible for funding until. This date will be shown on the screen when you validate the voucher code. The grace period will always run until the end of a term.

What is the latest date I need to have received a code from a parent by, to be able to offer a funded place?

You can accept a code throughout the entire term. To include a child on your headcount you must validate their code by the week of headcount. If you have a child come to your setting after headcount week they can be claimed for as per the usual after headcount processes using their voucher code.


Please be aware, parents must have applied for the funding and received their code prior to the beginning of the term in which you are claiming funding for them.



I validated a code and offered a funded place. However since term started, a parent has advised me their circumstances have changed and they are no longer eligible for their 30 hours funding? Do I still offer the place, and include this child on headcount or do I cease their funding immediately?

When a parent applies for their voucher code, they are automatically assigned a grace period end date. When you validated the code, you will have seen a ‘validity start date’ a ‘validity end date’ and a ‘grace period end date’. The grace period end date for all funded children in the Autumn term 2017 will be 31st December 2017. Therefore in this case the child can be included on the headcount submission and will still receive funding for the full term.


In preparation for Spring term 2018  Please ensure any parents who have provided a code for the Autumn term re-confirm their eligibility via their Government Gateway account on the website. You will be able to identify parents who have not reconfirmed their eligibility when you validate their voucher codes using the grace period end date.

Do parents have to sign a new parental agreement for the Autumn term, even if their child has already been attending my setting for some time?

This is recommended if the child’s attendance has significantly changed, how they are accessing their funded hours with you, you are aware that the child concerned is now also attending another childcare provider or if the child attending is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)


By using the new parental agreement, the parent will be making it clear to all providers, how they wish to access their funding. This will also allow you as the provider, to correctly claim universal or extended entitlement hours on the Autumn headcount. For children claiming DLA, a parent will also be able to specify on their agreement, which provider they wish to claim Disability Access Funding on their behalf.


A copy of the new suggested parental agreement was sent to you via email on 22nd June by Joanne Webster.



When is headcount week for the Autumn Term?

Headcount Week is 2nd to 6th October 2017.

How many funded weeks and hours will there be in Autumn 2017?

There are 15 funded weeks in Autumn term. This equates to a total 225 hours in the term (15wks x 15hrs) for both universal and extended entitlement funding

Updated 7 June 2017