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Childminder must have a qualification at a minimum of level 2. I have successfully completed a level 3 qualification in Childminding Practices.

I spend at least 2 full Saturdays per year in training and few evening training and information evening (when offered).

Planned Courses

Event Title

Start Date



 ICO: Data Protection
   On line
 My time + £35



 Paediatric 1st Aid
2018  TBA  My time + £85
Online training:

My training log is:


Event Title

  Date of training

What I have done or changed as a result of this training?

 Nighstop training (SASH)

 14th April 2018 I started offering emergency overnight accommodation to young people who’s just been made homeless.

Providing an evening meal, a bed for the night and breakfast the next morning(all the young people referred to me are police-checked and fully risk-assessed).


Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation

 7th November 2017 Review of my Data Protection & procedures
Review Privacy Policies & Notices
lawful basis for processing personal data in your privacy notice
Have Information Security Policy
Subject Access Request Procedure
will need to: 

1. explain to people your legal basis for processing their data 

2. explain how long you intend to keep data 

3. tell people they have a right of complaint to the ICO

Understanding children’s rights

This programme will provide a thorough insight into children’s rights, covering the essential facts to help you understand the legislation designed to protect human rights, in particular the rights of children. This programme has been written with experts at the Pre-school Learning Alliance, a leading educational charity specialising in the early years


7th November 2017
Question 1: Which of these statements about The Convention is correct?
Your Answer: b) The UK government signed up to it and made it part of domestic law
Correct Answer: c) The UK government signed up to it, but it is not part of domestic law
Question 2: When was The European Convention on Human Rights drafted?
Your Answer: b) After the Second World War
Question 3: The estimated number of children trafficked in the UK rose between 2012 and 2013.
Your Answer: a) True, there was a 22% increase
Question 4: Out of the 54 articles in The Convention, how many are particularly relevant to those working in early years settings?
Your Answer: b) 12
Question 5: When deciding where children should live, local authorities and courts should…
Your Answer: b) only intervene if the child is at risk of significant harm
Question 6: Article 14 states that…
Your Answer: a) children have the right to choose their own religion and beliefs
Question 7: Ofsted guidance indicates that early years providers may sometimes use corporal punishment.
Your Answer: b) False, corporal punishment must not be used in early years settings
Question 8: How many fundamental rights and freedoms are protected under the Human Rights Act?
Your Answer: c) 15
Question 9: What is the name of the statutory guidance that safeguards and promotes children’s welfare?
Your Answer: b) Working together to safeguard children 2015
Question 10: Ofsted inspection of safeguarding in early years settings is likely to focus on…
Your Answer: d) all of the above
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Community of Practice network meeting  19/10/2017  Transient Art

Prevent e-learning training course


This one hour introductory training provides a foundation on which to develop further knowledge around the risks of radicalisation and the kinds of support available to those at risk.=> Certificate below.


Managing behaviour


7 th November 2017
 Introduction to Safeguarding Children V4.3  02/06/2017  Update policies
Information updates about Early Education and Childcare; Ofsted; Safeguarding; Funding; New Government Policies and Training. Opportunity to:

-       learn about recent national changes in statutory requirements and new legislation.

-       gain information about North Yorkshire policies and procedures, eg safeguarding and funding.

 Ruth Mason

- Sufficiency and 30 Hours extended entitlement update – Alana Miles

-Finance update – Sally Dunn

- Managing Behaviour by Supporting Children’s Emotional Needs – Clare Leonard

- Early Home Learning  Helen Smith

- Totally Maths resources

- Overview of Health and Safety – Accident Prevention 

Ask who is my designated Safeguarding officer? Sarah Atkins Team leader Family outreach worker

Consider the 30 Hours founding and how to finance them. (Review of Parental Agreement: classes, food,

Health & Safety: we are not allowed to have the plug sockets anymore; I removed them all and will keep them in a
box until the law changes again.
If you want to give me flowers 🌺 please read the label to make sure they are not poisonous as kids could get to them.
From Septembre I will offer the Funded Childcare for 2 and 3 years old again as some of the funding issues have been
sorted as we can bill for extra but we will have to pay for all training now (before we used to get free lunch at free training)
I learned a bit about Sensory Processing Differences.

I learned about managing Behaviour by supporting Children Emotional Needs (Yoga peers massage, Mindfulness for children,
sitting still like a frog, personalised strategies, Individual Behaviour Plans with use of Portage).

I got a DVD to learn and teach sign language and maths to 3 years old.

Supported lodgings training (SASH)

4th February 2017

After the training I spoke to the parent of the children in my care about my project to help an unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (Uasc) and was held back by the prejudice some of them had "If you welcome Asylum Seeking Children I will remove my child from your care". Therefore I started offering a stable home environment to an uasc in September 2018 over a year after my training.

The young person is a lodger in my home, pays rent and a contribution towards bills. I act as mentors to help the young person acquire the knowledge and skills he needs to become independent.

Regular meetings and training sessions ensure the placement is going well and that the young person is moving towards their goal of living independently.

If you are interested in hosting too Click here to get started.

 Information updates about Early Education and Childcare; Ofsted; Safeguarding; Funding; New Government Policies and Training. Opportunity to:

-       learn about recent national changes in statutory requirements and new legislation.
-       hear news from Ofsted affecting childminders and recent inspections.
-       gain information about North Yorkshire policies and procedures, eg safeguarding and funding.
-       learn from training on a current key issue
 25/6/2016 Updated my policies
Supporting Children's emotional development
and 20/03/2015

Understanding the different schemas enables me to focus on individual interests and preferred ways of learning.

Providing open-ended resources that can be used in a wide variety of ways

Closing the Gap 08/12/2014 Implemented a strategy with Fabienne to help the children who have been identified.
ECAT (Every Child A Talker) for Childminders 23/09/2014 I have set up a Visual Diary and I am implemented with Fabienne the ECAT 12 "Top Tip for Talking".
I can assess if a child needs help and where to get help if needed.
Childminder Conference and Reflective Practice - Working with babies, toddlers and 2 year olds 01/03/2014 I am providing few more interesting resources and ways to use the resources. 
I am encouraging the children to do different physical activities linking to brain development. 
SEND and the Local Offer, Makaton...        
Planing for individual Learning                      
Communication in the Early Years by Carol-ann Howe
Dyslexia Friendly Home environment & Paired Reading
18/10/2013 I have changed the way I plan activities.
I have read further about Dyslexia
Making the most of outdoor - Forest school practice, mud kitchen play
Supporting Boys' learning - Promoting Creativity and critical Thinking with Children                    
Saturday 14th Sept 2013 I have done the forest school activities at home with willow tree as showed at the training and I have set up a mud kitchen in my garden.

Working with parents to support children’s language and communication - Home Learning Environment Training

2nd & 16th Feb 2013

I have prepared story sacks with French books that I give to parent to use at home and bring back to me.
CYPS: Planning to Meet Young Children’s Needs  21/07/2012

I have changed the way I do written observation
Basic Awareness In Child Protection 24th June 2012 I have updated my child Protection Policy


Early Support training                                            May 2012

2 years funding                                                   April 2012

Paediatrics 1st Aid                                                29th January 2012

PTLL                                                                 Jan 2011

CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Childminding Practice        October 2006

Delivering the EYFS                    Sat 6th Sept 08

Developing the EYFS Workshop, Welfare requirement    21st Feb 2008

EYFS Information and Support session (2)    21st February 08

EYFS information and support session 2, Christchurch    1st Dec 2007

Early Years First Aid, by St John Ambulance         15th Nov 2007

EYFS information and support session 1, Christchurch    6th October 2007

Developing the Early Years Foundation Stage Workshop
EYFS Learning, Development and Care   
                10 March 2007

CIEH Food Hygiene Certificate        12 June 2007

Outcome Four: Making a Positive Contribution        12 May 2007

Getting ready for Ofsted – by NCMA             12 May 2007

Outdoor Play Caterpillars & Children by NCMA    12 May 2007

Network & Link Childminder Day     20 May 2006

Working With Boys    16 March 2006

Introductory Training for NY Network Childminder (Children Come First)    14 January 2006

Birth to Three – Planning Workshop        11 January 2006

NY Network Childminders (Children Come First) 2 day Course    12th Dec 2005

(ECP) Extending Childminding Practice        19 November 2005

(DCP) Developing Childminding Practice         12 Dec 2005

Storytelling         11 May 2005

Movement Based Learning        15 Sept 2005

ICP – Introducing Childminding Practice        16 February 05

German for Business             June 1998

Grade A Course of Czech for Foreigner Level 4    June 1996D

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