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Quality of Provision

I promote children's learning and development and welfare to enable them to achieve good outcomes.

My overall approach to the children's learning and development is one of learning through play.
Children are making progress towards the early learning goals monitored by observations and judgements.  I see their progress and reflect on how will I further support, strengthen and deepen this learning.

I can see that the children enjoy and achieve because they are happy, playful and relax, they settle very fast and most of them reaches the outcomes set in Early Years OUTCOME 2013. 

I support learning in my interactions with the children in showing them new things, in speaking to them, in playing music, in playing with them...
I plan the learning environment to help children progress towards the early learning goals by having a wide variety of toys and book, by going out, by playing in, by involving them with my everyday tasks.

The children have a routine providing a balance of adult-led and child-led activities that help children to think critically, play and explore and be active and creative learners. Breakfast, school-run, adult led activities (craft), snack, free play (in my house or playgroup) lunch, adult led activities (songs and reading) rest or free play, school run, snack, free play.

I sometime have the craft table in the garden, they are free to play on the climbing frame or to do craft, often a group will do craft and older children will play more sporty games. Equally I may bring autumn leaves or other outdoor material inside and let them make a mess.
I plan for individual children, taking into account their culture and background, including the needs of any children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and those learning English as an additional language, to ensure that I am offering an inclusive service and that each child receives an enjoyable and challenging experience across the areas of learning. This is demonstrated in testimony page where parents where impressed how I based my childcare on the individual need of their child (learn Polish, cook vegetarian, change the flooring material...)
I identify and provide for additional learning and development needs including those children who achieve beyond what is expected. In 2008 I was worried that a child wasn't progressing as he should have: spoke head down in Polish, wasn't progressing with his potty training... I learned a bit of Polish to understand him, I taught him a bit of non verbal communication like pointing at objects, taught him to blow his nose..
I involve parents and carers and other agencies to help in children's learning and development if necessary. In the above situation in 2008 I contacted my Extended Service Inclusion Officer and worked in collaboration with both parents. Now if needed I would contact my CSO.
I offer an inclusive and welcoming service to all children by learning, understanding and adapting to their difference. We sometime watch "Something special" and other programmes promoting inclusion. We have plenty of books, DVDs and toys promoting inclusion.

In relation to children's welfare I provide a safe and stimulating environment for children and promote the welfare of the children through policy.

I teach children about keeping safe (basic rules including be safe on the internet)

I promote good health and well-being and I take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection, and  when children are ill I contact their parents for them to pick-up their children. I follow the HPA guidance on exclusion periods for infectious diseases. In particular for diarrhoea or vomiting the advice is to exclude children until 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting.

I help children develop good health practices by encouraging them to be active, to eat a balance diet, to wash their hands ...

I encourage children to develop the habits and behaviours, appropriate to good learners with Positive Behaviour practice. I encourage children to look after their own needs and those of others "When you have finished putting your coat on please help other children if necessary". 

I ensure the suitability and safety of outdoor and indoor spaces, furniture, equipment and toys. I make risk assessments and take the appropriate steps if needed. ie. I asked the council to fit drain cover to avoid a child falling in holes where the cover had been stolen. I asked one of the playgroup where we go to add catches on the kitchen cupboards or move the cleaning products higher.

I help children acquire skills for their future well-being including independence and the ability to communicate with others. I take babies to sign language sessions at the toy library. I teach the children 2 languages. I have specially adapted toys when they learn to stand or walk.
Sometime progress in particular areas of learning and development is better than other area and other falls below others. I concentrate on the positive, congratulate them and help the child develop in the other areas.

The children are encouraged to work and play independently by providing them toys suitable to their age and stage of development. The toys are easy to access by them. If I am in the kitchen cooking, the children are playing pretend cook on their small kitchen. If I write reports and assessment in the dinning room the children have plenty of toys to play with from the cupboards including craft materials. Same in the living room, all the toys suitable for EYFS are accessible by Early Years children.

Children's skills in communicating, literacy, numeracy are encouraged through play and adult led activities.
Children are active, inquisitive and independent learners, they can chose what they are interested in.
The children are given the ability to solve problems with puzzles, computer games, iPad, iPod...
The children are given role play to show their understanding of the wider world and talk about their experience and stories I read with them.
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