What makes hens happy?

posted Apr 26, 2012, 7:17 AM by Matt Bullas

Perhaps the best thing about the happy egg company is that they clearly understand that happy hens make happy eggs. They are committed to meeting and exceeding all welfare standards to ensure they do the best for their hens, but just what is it they do that makes the hens so happy?

All of their hens are free to roam all day which gives them the freedom they need to live happy, contented lives. They're looked after by dedicated happy egg farmers who give them plenty of TLC- they're given a top-quality cereal based diet and plenty of wide open space in which to roam, complete with trees, grasses and play equipment to keep them entertained. They can shelter under the trees, scratch around in sandpits, perch on towers and forage in the range, and it's this kind of interaction that keeps the hens happy, content and continually producing eggs.

The company are totally dedicated to the welfare of all of their hens and only farms that meet the highest of standards will get the happy egg co seal of approval, and it isn't just the hens that benefit either. Because they're all free range they're able to roam around as they please, pecking on grass which gives them extra lutein, and research has shown that lutein-enriched eggs can improve the taste - that's what makes the eggs so tasty. With the happy egg company you can be safe in the knowledge that you're getting tasty eggs that have come from truly happy hens, so next time you're doing the grocery shopping, make sure to keep an eye out for the happy egg co and add some happiness to your day.

the happy egg co sing the praises of their ambassador

posted Mar 7, 2012, 2:57 AM by happy egg

Mat Follas is a chef known for his love of fresh ingredients and top-quality food. Since winning BBC MasterChef in 2009 he’s gone onto great things, from opening his critically-acclaimed restaurant The Wild Garlic to rave reviews, to being recommended in The Good Food Guide. His commitment to quality made him the perfect choice to be the happy egg co.’s brand ambassador.

That’s why the happy egg co. is pleased to be collaborating with Mat, singing the praises of its ambassador as they let slip some exciting events due to take place later in the year. Mat’s due to help them host a cooking extravaganza in aid of Caudwell Children’s Charity, set to take place on Good Friday. He’ll be demonstrating his favourite happy egg recipes and there’s a chance to win six VIP tickets to The Wizard of Oz in Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s personal box!

Mat is equally as excited about this relationship. He uses happy eggs in all his cooking as he believes they taste better. He says they’re ideal in a whole range of dishes because of the versatility and top quality taste. His AA rosette, an accolade that places his restaurant in the top 10% in the country, is proof that Mat’s dishes are top notch.

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