Chairman’s Charity

We are raising money to help raise funds to see if we can get Reece Scott (5 year old) abroad to the u.s to see if there is any other medical treatment to help save Reeces life.

Reece was born with cardiac problems which led Reece having to have 2 open heart surgeries and a trip to theater 14 times due to Reeces cardiac problems, the cardiac problems has resulted him in having lung pressure problems known as pulmonary arterial hypertension these pressure will never be cured but can only prolong his life with drugs, Reece is undergoing assessment for heart transplant but because his pressures are so high he has to have further test to make sure a transplant will work if Reece does get a chance to go on the donor list he will be admitted to hospital in Newcastle on the urgent list and here is where he will live untill a heart comes available, he will be up against a tough chance because his antibodies are high, surgeons will have to find a suitable match, If Reece gets denied a transplant they can only give him therapy and medicines that will help prolong his life. Doctors can not give Reece a life expectancy due to his condition his condition will only deteriorate We take each day as it comes. If we cant find anywhere suitable in the u.s we will donate all the funds to ward 23 at Newcastle childrens heart ward where all the transplants patients go.

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