About Us

Certificate of Exemption no 350

HCC is a member of the Association of Caravan and Camping Exempted Organization (ACCEO)

We are a very friendly Club where the members get on very well together and try to make newcomers and visitors very welcome.

We hope that you will have many happy rallies with us.

Please take a few minutes to browse our web site and find out more about us.

The Happy Campers Club run rallies on most weekends throughout the year in and around Lancashire. These rallies provide a cheap and basic form of camping (your own sanitation is usually an essential item - a water point for drinking water and a waste/elsan disposal point being the only facilities on most sites).

At some of our rallies you will find entertainment and social gatherings organised, suppers, communal barbeques and fun events. Other rallies will be simple, quiet rallies held in places not usually open to camping.

HCC Rules

All meets start at 2pm (unless otherwise stated)


Meets are restricted to HCC MEMBERS, whose membership cards must be produced if properly requested

Please ensure your membership is up to date before attending meets.

OPEN FIRES are not allowed. Stewards permission to be obtained for the use of BARBECUES.

ALL VEHICLES restricted to 5 mph. Vehicles to be parked at right angles to a slope.


CYCLISTS to ride at no more than 5mph or to push the cycle if near to units.

MINIMUM DISTANCE OF 6 METERS (20 FEET) between facing walls of adjacent

units, including awnings.

Units are two adults, any extra adults staying in this unit will be charged a £1.00 per night. Tents no larger than a pup tent to be free of charge ( Under18s only ) and must not be

out of the perimeter of the space taken up by the size of a awning.

Over 18s in a tent will pay full pitch price wherever they are pitched.

Tent city to be organized with permission of the land owner, large tents

to pay full pitch price and persons 18 yrs or over must pay full price.

Members should be encouraged to place a FIRE BUCKET containing water

outside each unit.

ALL ANIMALS to be under control – maximum lead when tethered 6 feet and to be exercised away from units.

Owners are responsible for collection and hygienic disposal of pet residues.

CHILDREN are the responsibility of their Parents or another nominated adult at all times.


and any games likely to cause injury, damage or annoyance to others, are NOT permitted.

BALL GAMES or Frisbees etc must be well away from units and only with permission from the Steward.

Take your litter home if there is no provision made for disposing of litter in the countryside or at a weekend meet.

NOISE TO BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM, Stewards will ensure that generators, when used, do not cause offence to others.

The Club accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for loss or damage to persons or property.

One of the joys of camping is walking in the countryside,

Keep to public paths across farm land,

Use gates and stiles to cross fences hedges and walls Fasten all gates.

Respect livestock, crops and machinery

ensure that children keep a safe distance from the same.

The steward is in charge of the whole meet, if you have any problems please contact the steward,

Who will be there to try to ensure you all have a safe and happy meet.

Remember to smile at the wave.