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I Wish You...

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Camila Atayde - @catayde lots of success (even if this is obvious) and a lot of amazing moments in this miserable life ;) 
Koneko @gloomythebear Overflowing streams of love and happiness! And more hilarious Dave & Todd moments! 
Kim Hazelwood the best birthday you've ever experienced!!!!! Take care....  
BadGirlJules were on the East Coast so I could give you a birthday kiss *muah* 
Yoli great health, lots of love and happiness for the years to come. 
Mike - janesaddiction.org have a Happy Birthday 
Amber Miller this birthday and all others to come will b awesome xoxo nikky ps ur the real guitar hero 
~UC13~ Hope you have the most amazing B-day possible! Much Luv 
Amber Allen  lots of love and lots of steamy sex. 
Amber Horner a wonderful and relaxing birthday that's devoid of idiot drivers & stupid people! xoxo 
Deena Cavallo many more years of health and happiness. 
Danni Binder a happy birthday and many happy days after! 
PhantomFyre love, happiness, health, and many more happy birthdays.  
Nova all the best in your future ventures and all the joy returned that you have given your fans throughout the years. 
Cori Higley an amazing Birthday with a Happy Ending!  
PurpleMic very happy birthday and many more to come.. Cheers! 
Amy Holman - notfadeaway a year filled with many many many hello kitty's, sushi, grey sky's, & and some rainbow's xoxo :) 
Jeff Franks peace, love and anal beads 
Stefanie H. a very happy and sexy 43rd year of life! 
Shelley Shepherd Klaner the best year ever. 
Polly GG the best in love, life and music! 
Abby Colina the best on whatever you want to do, have an awesome b'day 
@lalhs health, happiness, & all the wonders of the world. 
Christy (aka vikkivale on DNA) an overcast day so you really enjoy your birthday! 
Lori - @lareynolds268 a very Happy Birthday. 
Mariana Atayde | @MarianaAtayde you have a lot of good intense moments in your life 
Wynter ~ @wynter_c  would write another book and do another solo album but mostly I wish you all the best life has to offer.  
paola navarro @anha  have a bday that you'll never forget 
salasalas NM, U.S.A.  all of the happiness on your birthday that you have given all of us...your fans. 
Stella @savagestar live your life to the fullest, next to people you love, with many many joyous moments. 
Sassy CC could meet my son Conor Navarro and take a picture with him. 
ch1l3ch1ca many blessings on your birthday and may you have many more spectacular birthdays. 
Dave Mato Strong health only, because wishing you other things would be useless for someone perfect like you! 
Showing 33 items