About Us

The Happy Angel's Travel Club was organized to help Stevie JoEllie's Cancer Care Fund raise much needed funds for their organization through an incentive giving program of unique and exclusive travel experiences for their active donors, sponsors and supporters.

Each time you choose to purchase a family vacation or unique travel experience with us 50% of the travel sales net proceeds supports the charitable mission of Stevie JoEllie's Cancer Care Fund: 

Thyroid Cancer Awareness, Access to Care and Free Supportive Services Advocacy Network for thyroid cancer patients and survivors in New Jersey

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Are you a non-profit? 

The Happy Angels Travel Club  provides attractive travel packages that will generate interest and bidding excitement among guests at your next benefit auction.  Best of all, The Happy Angels Travel Club helps you raise more money for your cause with absolutely no financial risk to your organization.

Simply reserve the Benefit Auction Travel Experience you are interested in with us, “sell” the packages at your event, then order ONLY the packages that are sold. Your organization keeps the difference between the winning bid and the package cost. And if you don't sell it, there is no cost to you!