This is the home page for the men predicted or confirmed L43 and negative for
its subgroup.   L43 was first identified in data from 23andM3 about 2009 or 2010.
Several labs turned it into a test causing it to exist under multiple names. 
Subsequently it was found to be older than the mutation similarly discovered and is
now L43's subgroup.


The above diagram shows L43's position in the G tree.  It is the youngest of a
series of mutations, each one covering fewer persons as the tree branched.
All L43 men have all the mutations shown above it in the tree.

A separate page exists for each of these mutations and the persons covered by them.
See tabs on left.   The G-L497, G-L140, G-P287 and G-M201 pages have significant 
additional information.  

L43 is the sister subgroup of Z726.  Because each shares some different ancestors
in more recent times, each can belong to one subgroup but not to the other.

L43 has one subgroup, L42. 

Age of L43

Because so far only one man has been found to belong to the L43 group but is negative
for its subgroup, little can be deduced as to its age.   Examining 67-marker values of
all the men who have the L43 mutation, there is an enormous difference among them,
suggesting this is a very old subgroup within L497 which has been dated to about 
12,000 yrs.  

Geographical Distribution of L43

Because only one man is so far L43+ and L42-, nothing can be deduced about possible
coverage of men in this category.  He is Hispanic.

Origins of L43

 Once again, the small amount of  info do not allow speculations of origins here.

L43-related Maps

While a project map exists for the lone person who is L43+, L42-, it is
rather meaningless without comparison samples

Source information

No one has studied just L43.

Special Testing

The following men in the L43 category have the following results
for newer, poorly defined SNP mutations: 
                   item in red is the L43 subgrp   + means positive, - means negative               

L42- Cortinas
L43+ Cortinas
L78-  Cortinas
L89+ Cortinas
L90- Cortinas
L154+ Cortinas
L156+ Cortinas
L382+ Cortinas
Z725+ Cortinas

                   type L1325, for example, in the Landmark box.  After searching, look
                               for the small L1325 in the colored area and click on it.