This is the home page for men predicted and confirmed L13 and negative for the subgroup.  
So far only a single man has been confirmed L13+ but negative for the subgroup.  We have
also included men only predicted L13 in this section.  It would be helpful if they had additional
testing to clarify their status.  The great bulk of them are thought to belong to the L13
subgroup.  Several labs were involved in identifying L13.  So it is also called U13 or S131.  
L78 (also called M217) is so far equivalent to L13.
The above diagram shows L13's position in the G tree.  It is the youngest of a
series of mutations, each one covering fewer persons as the tree branched.
All  L13 men have all the mutations shown above it in the tree.

A separate page exists for each of these mutations and the persons covered by them.
See tabs on left.   The G-L140, G-P287 and G-M201 pages have significant additional

L13 has a single subgroup, consisting of men who share the Z2022 mutation.                

Age of L13

While the age of the divergence of L13's mother group has been calculated as about
10,500 yrs using the SNP counting method in whole sequencing, no one has yet
calculated the age of L13 within the U1 subgroup.  The availability of other L13
samples in whole sequencing will allow this.

Geographical Distribution of L13

Because current information only provides a single man from Armenia as having
L13, but negative for subgroups, no conclusion can be made about the possible
geographical spread of men with the same findings.

Origin of L13

Again, with only one sample with which to work presently, little can be determined
of the origins of L13.

L13-related Maps

The project does provide maps for each subgroup, but with only one man confirmed
in the category here, there is little to see.

Source Information

No studies have been made of L13+ men negative for subgroups.

Special Testing
The following L13+ men not fully tested for subgroups have the following results
for newer, poorly defined SNP mutations:  
                                                     items in red are L13 subgrps   + means positive, - means negative               

L72-       Melik-Alaverdian
L78+      Melik-Alaverdian
L79+      Melik-Alaverdian
L90-      Melik-Alaverdian
L116+    Melik-Alaverdian
L139-    Melik-Alaverdian
L142+   Melik-Alaverdian
L154+   Melik-Alaverdian
L156+   Melik-Alaverdian
L190+   Melik-Alaverdian
L204+   Melik-Alaverdian
L269+  Melik-Alaverdian
L293-   Melik-Alaverdian
L297-   Melik-Alaverdian
L353.1- Melik-Alaverdian
L382+   Melik-Alaverdian
L402+   Melik-Alaverdian
L486-    Melik-Alaverdian
L496+   Melik-Alaverdian
L519+   Melik-Alaverdian
L520+   Melik-Alaverdian
L521+   Melik-Alaverdian
L522+   Melik-Alaverdian
L523+   Melik-Alaverdian
L605+   Melik-Alaverdian
L640-   Melik-Alaverdian
L660-   Melik-Alaverdian
L661-    Melik-Alaverdian
L662-   Melik-Alaverdian
L694-    Melik-Alaverdian
L697.1- Melik-Alaverdian
L698-    Melik-Alaverdian
L769+    Melik-Alaverdian
L770+    Melik-Alaverdian
L830-    Melik-Alaverdian
L831-     Melik-Alaverdian
L832-    Melik-Alaverdian
L833-    Melik-Alaverdian
L834-    Melik-Alaverdian
L835-    Melik-Alaverdian
L836+   Melik-Alaverdian
L837+    Melik-Alaverdian
L1256-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1257+  Melik-Alaverdian
L1258+  Melik-Alaverdian
L1259+ Melik-Alaverdian
L1260+ Melik-Alaverdian
L1261-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1262-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1263-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1264-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1265-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1266-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1268-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1269-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1270-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1324-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1326-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1327-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1328-  Melik-Alaverdian
L1341+  Melik-Alaverdian
L1342+  Melik-Alaverdian
L1343+  Melik-Alaverdian     perhaps deserves more testing, pos in Z2014 sub
L1344+  Melik-Alaverdian     perhaps deserves more testing, pos in Z2014 sub
L1354+  Melik-Alaverdian     perhaps deserves more testing, neg. in L13 subgroup
Page25- Melik-Alaverdian
Page99- Melik-Alaverdian
U5+        Melik-Alaverdian
Z1901-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z1992+  Melik-Alaverdian   perhaps deserves more testing, neg. part U1, pos in L13 subs
Z1993+  Melik-Alaverdian   perhaps deserves more testing, neg. part U1, pos in L13 subs
Z1903-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z1991-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2002- Melik-Alaverdian   
Z2003- Melik-Alaverdian
Z2005+ Melik-Alaverdian  perhaps deserves more testing, neg. part U1, pos in L13 subs
Z2006+ Melik-Alaverdian  perhaps deserves more testing, neg. part U1, pos in L13 subs
Z2007-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2009-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2010-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2011-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2013+ Melik-Alaverdian  perhaps deserves more testing, neg. part U1, pos in L13 subs
Z2014- Melik-Alaverdian
Z2015-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2016-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2017-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2018-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2020-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2022-  Melik-Alaverdian
Z2024+  Melik-Alaverdian  perhaps deserves more testing, neg. part U1, pos in L13 subs
Z2026+  Melik-Alaverdian  perhaps deserves more testing, pos in only some of L13 subs
Z2027+   Melik-Alaverdian  perhaps deserves more testing, neg. part U1, pos in L13 subs
Z2047-    Melik-Alaverdian  
         more info about these SNPs can be found at:
                   type L1325, for example, in the Landmark box.  After searching, look
                               for the small L1325 in the colored area and click on it.