This is the home page for the men predicted or confirmed CTS9737 and negative for
CTS9737 subgroups.  Included here temporarily are men with the YCA=17,20 mutation.
Testing is underway to determine exactly where this subgroup belongs within CTS9737's
subgroups.  When whole sequencing is done on someone in the CTS9737 subgroup this
will provide more reliable SNP mutations to define the subgroup.  CTS9737 was originally
identified in 2011 and given the Z1815, but when it appeared in the Geno 2.0 test in 2012
it was called CTS9737.  It can be ordered at Family Tree DNA under either name.

L497 has two SNP subgroups, consisting of men who share the Z725 or S10458 mutations.  These
men have their own page here, G-Z725 and G-S10458.


The above diagram shows CTS9737's position in the G tree.  It is the youngest of a
series of mutations, each one covering fewer persons as the tree branched.
All  CTS9737 men have all the mutations shown above it in the tree.

A separate page exists for each of these mutations and the persons covered by them.
See tabs on left.   The G-L497, G-L140, G-P287 and G-M201 pages have significant 
additional information.  

CTS9737 does not have any sister subgroups under L497.  It is the only subgroup. 

Age of CTS9737

Currently there are only several samples of men who are CTS9737+ and none
who have had whole sequencing of Y-DNA.  CTS9737 is the oldest subgroup with
L497, from which a high percentage of men have further branched off.  So
if could be close to 12,000 yrs old which is the data estimated for L497 (see G-L497)

The YCA=17,20 subgroup is tiny, and members/ marker value comparisons show 
they likely share a common male ancestor in recent centuries.
Geographical Distribution of CTS9737

Currently the few members confirmed as CTS9737 have origins only in n.w. Europe
but broader coverage within Europe is expected when more samples are available.

Origins of CTS9737

The origins of CTS9737 until more samples are available will generally have to be 
those discussed on the G-L497 page.

The YCA=17,20 group shows close relationships though both Italy and the British Isles
are indicated in ancestral information.

CTS9737-related Maps

A project map exists for men in the CTS9737 category showing origins.
Look at top left of map and more than halfway down the listing you will
find CTS9737 and much farther down the YCA=17,20 subgroup.

Information sources

No studies have yet been down on this very new category.

Special Testing

The following men in the CTS9737 category have the following results
for newer, poorly defined SNP mutations:  [men without Z725- may belong to CTS9737 subgrp]
                                                     item in red is the CTS9737 subgrp   + means positive, - means negative               

CTS9737+ Allen, Sauls, Smith, Sarotto, Van Hemert
L139- Allen, Van Hemert
Z725- Smith, Van Hemert
Z751+ Van Hemert

The following YCA=17,20  men have the following results
for newer, poorly defined SNP mutations:  
                                                    item in red is the CTS9737 subgrp    + means positive, - means negative               

CTS9737+ Bonanno
L139- Bonanno
Z725- Bonanno

         more info about these SNPs can be found at:
                   type L1325, for example, in the Landmark box.  After searching, look
                               for the small L1325 in the colored area and click on it.