..Info for 23andMe Users

 Information for 23andMe users

23andMe only tests for a few of the SNP mutations used to categorize haplogroup G men.
(See DNA explanation on left if you don't know what SNPs are)
They also have been using categories that were in effect in 2008.  There have been many,
many changes since then, and most of the important subgroups discovered since.   
          (see categorization page on left for a list of all categories)
In the project we also use marker results which are not tested at 23and Me.

Recently 23andMe eliminated several of the few important items they do test.  This leaves
only a few very general categories, dating back to 10,000 to 46,000 yrs ago.  Belonging
to these very general categories is rather meaningless info.  Men were then very mobile
hunter gatherers organized into small family bands and could have been living most anywhere.

I once listed the G items tested at 23andMe on this page, but I see no purpose in
maintaining  that listing.  If one wants to learn meaningful info about Y-DNA ancestry, one
will have to be tested at Family Tree DNA or BritainsDNA which test for more 
recent subgroups.  Family Tree DNA has considerably more comparison samples and 
allows testing for individual SNPs.  The cost of the initial 37-marker test has ranged between
$119 to $159.
We can often tell the subgroup based on just these 37 markers.

The most up-to-date tree can be seen in the topmost tab here.

These are the categories reported at 23andMe based on 2008 categorizations together with the
mutations involved and lastly their up-to-date category names:
G        M201      still G
G1      M285      still G1
G2         P15      now G2a
G2a3a   M406   now  G2a2b1
G2a3a1  L14     now  G2a2b1a
G2a3b   P303    now  G2a2b2a    
--------  L13      now  G2a2b2a1a1    rs9786706      (a mutation is T)
-------- L497     now G2a2b2a1b   only tested in some versions rs35141399 (a mutation is T)   
G2a3b2  L43/L42  now G2a2b2a1b1a1  
G2a4     L32      now G2a2b  (equivalent to L30 in its coverage)
G2a5     L31      now G2a 
G2c*  M377      now G2b1