This is the home page of men who have the Z7941  mutation or  predicted
to have it or should have had these.  So far these men also have the Z7943 mutation.


The above diagram shows Z7941's position in the G tree.  It is the youngest of a
series of mutations, each one covering fewer persons as the tree branched.
All  Z79401 men have all the mutations shown above it in the tree.

A separate page exists for each of these mutations and the persons covered by them.
See tabs on left.

Z7941 so far does not have any subgroups.

All men within P16 have some typical marker values. For DYS392, a value of ten is almost always
present.  And the DYS385 values are typically, 15-16, 15-17 or 15-18...or... 16 for the
first component.

Age of Z7941

Whole Y-DNA sequencing will provide us the most accurate reading to date on the age of

Geographic Locations of the Z7941 Subgroup Men

This subgroup so far is a mix of North Ossetians and men from Georgia..

Origins of Z7941 and Its Subgroups

Z7941 is so new that little can be deduced about its origins until better tested.

Maps for the Z7941 Subgroups

On the Project Roster, subgroups have their own maps.  
Look at top left of map and choose the appropriate subgroup.   

Source Information

There have not been specific studies of Z7941 yet.  Most of the more general info we have is listed in the P16