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           Haplogroup C Categories

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Don't understand SNPs, haplogroups, markers discussed 
Unless you understand these, much of the page will not make sense!

Subcategories of haplogroup C are primarily
based on special SNP testing. 

SNPs are mutations passed on to descendants and are usually permanent changes. The SNPs are
referred to by the designation of a site on the Y-DNA chromosome, such as M130 and M217.  The +
sign indicates the SNP mutation is present. All C persons will have the first and oldest SNP mutation that
occurred at M130.

Discovery of new SNPs is an ongoing process. New discoveries within other haplogroups
have required reassignment of designations, and it may be possible 10 years from now that none
of the G subgroups below will have the same designation. The results of testing for the individual SNPs 
will remain the same, but they could have different classification in the future.

The SNP mutations that occurred later than the general C mutation (M216+) are shown below. 
A person who belongs to one branch, such as C1, will not belong to another branch, such as C2.
As an example, a person who is in subgroup C1 will have the M8 mutation  but will 
lack the SNP for C2 (M38). 

In addition, this C1 (M8+) person may or may not belong to a subgroup of C1.

We have added a few subgroups based on shared oddities in marker values.
These must meet certain criteria, often including having others in the subgroup as having the
closest marker values when 67 markers are compared.

This C genetic tree contains several new SNPs not yet added to the trees of the commercial 
labs as well as additional subgroups based on shared marker value oddities

General c = IMS-JST029149, IMS-JST037816-80, M130/Page51/RPS4Y711, M216, P184, P255/P325, P260/P324, Page85

If an item has ** after it, this indicates additional equivalent SNPs listed under the tree.  The Family Tree DNA
tree is considerably obsolete, and they are aware of this.

       C1a1 - M8 Japanese
       C1a2 - V20 European
    C1b - F1370, Middle East & southern Asia, esp. west India
       C1b2 - M38 Pacific Rim islands, eastern Indonesia
    C1d (tentative)- M347 Australian Aborigines
      C2a - M93 Japan
      C2b -  L1373 Northern Asia, esp. central Asia
           C2b1 - P39 Amerindian (an exception to the Asian grp.)
      C2d - P62 Mongolia
      C2e - Z1338 eastern Asia

C1 = F3393 or Z1426
     C1a = CTS11043
          C1a1 = M8+ or M105+  or P122+or IMS-JST037816
               C1a1a = P121+
                    C1a1a1 = CTS6678 **
                    C1a1a2 = Z1356 **
         C1a2 = V20, V71, V86, V182, V184, V219, [tentative info is that V219 is a subgroup]
               C1a2a = V222  (DYS447 less than 22)
               C1a2b = Z29329
    C1b = F1370 **
        C1b1 = M356+
            C1b1a = P92+ **
                 C1b1a1 = Z5895+ **
                      C1b1a1a = K96+ **
                          C1b1a1a1 = K42+ **
                              C1b1a1a1a = Z5896+ **
                                  C1b1a1a1a1 = K193+ or Z12521+
                                      C1b1a1a1a1a = Z12522+
                                          C1b1a1a1a1a1 - K466+ **
                                              C1b1a1a1a1a1a = K469+ or K470+ or Z12530+
                                                  C1b1a1a1a1a1a1 = Z5898+
            C1b1b = 5900+ **
      C1b2 = M38+ 
          C1b2a = M208+
               C1b2a1 = P33+ (P33.1 & P33.2 & P33.3)
               C1b2a3 = P54+
   C1c = M347+, P309+ (position unclear)
        C1c1 = M210+
        C1c2 = DYS390.1 deletion
C2 = M217+ or P44+ or Z1453+
       C2a= M93+
       C2b = L1373+
             C2b1 = P39+
             C2b2 = M48+ 
                    C2b2a = M86+ or M77+
                           C2b2a1 = double DYS19 values
            C2b3 = DYS448=0 & closely related
            C2b4 = DYS388=14 & closely related
                  C2b4a [tentative] = DYS448=23
            C2b5 = DYS578=10
       C2c = P53.1+  [may be unreliable]
       C2d = P62+
       C2e= Z1338+/F2613+
          [CTS336/Z1306, CTS1854,CTS2491, F3688, F3744, F1271, F1382, F1420, F3754, F1506, F3758, 
F3911, F1668, F1847, F1938 & F950 seem to represent 
          a yet unproven intermediate group between Z1338 and Z1300.
          F3688 seems not to include M407 but includes Z1300.  And 7033363 may be a subgroup higher
          up the tree than the CTS336 subgroup]
            C2e1 = Z1300+
                   C2e1a = M407+
                   C2e1b = Z8440+ **
                        C2e1b1 = F1319+  **
                             C2e1b1a = F3735+ **
                        C2e1b2 = CTS3385+
            C2e2 =  F845+ **
                  C2e2a = K516+ **
       C2f= IMS-JST02613-27

Equivalent SNPs to the following:  (as listed with ** symbol  above)
for CTS6678-- CTS10729, CTS11058, Z7054, Z7174, Z7180, Z7190, Z7196, Z7643, Z7650, Z7842, Z7968, Z7972,
               Z7985, Z7986, Z7988, Z7989, Z7991
for Z1356--Z1357, Z4160, Z7156, Z7159, Z7162, Z7228, Z7231, Z7232, Z7234, Z7237, Z7856, Z7869, Z7870,
               Z7898, Z7899, Z7900, Z7901, Z7902, Z7903, Z7904
for Z8440--F3880, Z3994, Z12209
for F1319-- F1673, F3777, F3797.2/Z2201.2, F3799, Z12177, Z12179, Z12202, Z12253, Z12254, Z12255, Z12256
for F3735-- F3748, F3750, F3806
for F845-- CTS3958, CTS5126, CTS6259, CTS6704/M8145, CTS10923, CTS12931,
               K500, K502, K503, K504, K505, K506, K507, K508, K509. K510, K546, K547, K548,
               K549, K550, K551, K553, K554, Z12259, Z12260, Z12261, Z12262,, Z12263, 
               Z12264, Z12265, Z12266, Z12267, Z12268, Z12269, Z12270, Z12271, Z12272, 
               Z12273, Z12274, Z12275
for K516-- K511, K512, K513, K514, K515, K517, K518, K519, K520, K521, K522,
               K523, K524, K525, K526, K527, K528, K529, K530, K531, K532, K533, K534,
               K536, K537, K538, K539, K540, K542, K544, K545, Z12276, Z12277, Z12278, Z12279,
               Z12280, Z12281, Z12282, Z12283, Z12284, Z12285, Z12286, Z12287, Z12288,
               Z12289, Z12290, Z12291, Z12292, Z12293, Z12294, Z12295, Z12296, Z12297,
               Z12298, Z12299, Z12300, Z12301, Z12302, Z12303, Z12304, Z12305, Z12306,
               Z12307, Z12308, Z12309, Z12310, Z12311, Z12312, Z12313, Z12314, Z12315,
               Z12316, Z12317
for  Z5900-- Z12318, Z12319, Z12320, Z12321, Z12322, Z12323, Z12324, Z12325,
               Z12326, Z12327, Z12328, Z12329, Z12330, Z12331, Z12332, Z12333, Z12334,
               Z12335, Z12336, Z12337, Z12338, Z12339, Z12340, Z12341, Z12342, Z12343,
               Z12344, Z12345, Z12346, Z12347, Z12348, Z12349, Z12350, Z12351, Z12352,
               Z12353, Z12354, Z12355, Z12356, Z12357, Z12358, Z12359, Z12360, Z12361,
               Z12362, Z12363, Z12364, Z12365, Z12366, Z12367, Z12368, Z12369, Z12370,
               Z12371, Z12372, Z12373, Z12374, Z12375, Z12376, Z12377, Z12378, Z12379,
                Z12380, Z12381, Z12382, Z12383, Z12384, Z12385, Z12386, Z12387, Z12388,
                Z12389, Z12390, Z12391, Z12392, Z12393, Z12394, Z12395, Z12396, Z12397,
                Z12398, Z12399, Z12400, Z12401, Z12402, Z12403, Z12404, Z12405, Z12406,
                Z12407, Z12408, Z12409, Z12410, Z12411, Z12412, Z12413, Z12414, Z12415,
                Z12416, Z12417, Z12418, Z12419, Z12420, Z12421, Z12422, Z12423, Z12424,
for P92--F930/K105, K43, K45, K59, K61, K69, K78, K83, K88, K90, K94, K99, K108, K129, K134,
                 K141, K146, K147, K156, K161, K162, K181, K184, K185, K186, K187, K188, K205, K245, K246,
                 K249, K252, K260, K261, K267, K280, K293, K310, K317, K319, K320, K323, K327, K331, K358,
                 K377, K396, K398, K401, K402, K414, K415, K417, K426, K427, K435, Z12426, Z12427, Z12428,
                 Z12429, Z12430, Z12431, Z12432, Z12433, Z12434, Z12435, Z12436, Z12437, Z12438, Z12439,
                 Z12440, Z12441, Z12442, Z12442, Z12443, Z12444, Z12445, Z12446, Z12447, Z12448, Z12449,
                 Z12450, Z12451, Z12452, Z12453, Z12454, Z12455, Z12456, Z12457, Z12458, Z12459, Z12460,
                 Z12461, Z12462, Z12463, Z12464, Z12465, Z12466, Z12467, Z12468, Z12469, Z12470, Z12471,
                 Z12472, Z12473, Z12474, Z12475, Z12476, Z12477, Z12478, Z12479
for Z5895-- K40, K41, K56, K70, K74, K79, K102, K104, K113, K119, K136, K138, K153,
                   K159, K175, K191, K195, K196, K197, K198, K223, K231, K234, K38, K258, K274, K277, 
                   K296, K297, K303, K308, K309, K324, K332, K333, K341, K361, K382, K395, K399, K400,
                   K404, K406, K407, K412, K429, K434, Z12482, Z12483, Z12484, Z12485, Z12486, Z12487,
                   Z12488, Z12489, Z12490, Z12491, Z12492, Z12493, Z12494, Z12495, Z12495, Z12496
for K96--K107, K131, K163, K233, K272, K283, K425, Z12480, Z12481, Z12497, Z12498, 
                   Z12499, Z12500, Z12502, Z12503
for K42--K44, K60, K68, K77, K86, K101, K117, K118, K135, K140, K143, K209, K227, K235, K236, 
                   K244, K276, K300, K316, K338, K362, K418, K444, Z12504, Z12505, Z12506, Z12507, Z12508, 
                   Z12509, Z12510, Z12511, Z12512, Z12513 
for  Z5896--K92, K225, K428, Z12515, Z12516, Z12517, Z12518, Z12519, Z12520
for K466--K468, Z12527, Z12528
for F1370--Z16449, Z16450, Z16451, Z16452, Z16453, Z16454, Z16455, Z16456, Z16457, Z16458, Z16459,
                  Z16460, Z16461, Z16462, Z16463, Z16464, Z16465, Z16466, Z16467, Z16468, Z16469, Z16470, Z16471,
                  Z16472, Z16473, Z16474, Z16475, Z16476, Z16477, Z16478, Z16479, Z16480, Z16481, Z16482, Z16483,
                  Z16484, Z16485, Z16486, Z16487, Z16488

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