Hao Li

PhD Student
Computer Science Department                                                                         
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Member of Blender Lab
Advisor: Prof. Heng Ji 

Email: haoli.qc AT gmail DOT com
My Curriculum Vitae


I am currently a third year PhD student in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).
I am working with Professor Heng Ji at Blender Lab.

Generally, my research interests lie in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and statistical machine learning, especially Information Extraction and text mining. My thesis topic is "Events in Social Media".

I have conducted research on several NLP tasks including Event Extraction, Open Domain Event Discovery, Document Retrieval and Sentiment Analysis, i.e., how to identify (first) important event information from news and tweets, how to retrieve similar documents in big data, how to identify user sentiment of online reviews, tweets and forums. I have experience to tackle various NLP tasks in different genres, for example, news, tweets, forums, clinical documents, product descriptions and so on. 


[11] Hao Li, Wei Liu and Heng Ji. 2014
       Two-Stage Hashing for Fast Document Retrieval. 
       To appear in the Proceeding of ACL, 2014, Baltimore, Maryland.

[10] Hongbo Deng, Jiawei Han, Hao Li, Heng Ji, Hongning Wang and Yue Lu. 2014.
       Accepted by Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, Wiley-Blackwell.

 [9] Yulia Tyshchuk, Hao Li, Heng Ji and William A. Wallace. 2013
       In the Proceeding of ASONAM, 2013, Niagara Falls, Canada

 [8] Weiwei Guo, Hao Li, Heng Ji and Mona Diab. 2013.
       In the Proceeding of ACL, 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria. 
 [7] Hongbo Deng, Jiawei Han, Hao Li, Heng Ji, Hongning Wang and Yue Lu. 2013.
       In the Proceeding of SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM), 2013, Austin, Texas. 
       (Selected as Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Special Issue of “Best of SDM 2013”!)

 [6] Hao Li, Yu Chen, Heng Ji, Smaranda Muresan and Dequan Zheng. 2012.
      In the Proceeding of PACLIC, 2012, Bali, Indonesia. 
      (Best Paper Nomination!) 

 [5] Xiang Li, Heng Ji, Faisal Farooq, Hao Li, Wen-Pin Lin and Shipeng Yu. 2012. 
      Invited Paper for International Journal On Advances in Intelligent Systems, v 5 n 3&4 2012. 
 [4] Hao Li, Heng Ji, Hongbo Deng and Jiawei Han. 2011. 
      In the Proceeding of International Conference on Advances in Information Mining and Management (IMMM), 2011, Barcelona, Spain. 
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      In the Proceeding of ACL2011 Worshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora. 

 [2] Hao Li, Xiang Li, Heng Ji and Yuval Marton. 2010. 
      In the Proceeding of PACLIC, 2010, Sendai, Japan. 
 [1] Ning Hua Zhu, Bang Hong Zhang, Ji Min Wen, Hao Li, Liang Li, Wei Chen,Yan Zhang, and Liang Xie. 2008
      In Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE, vol 20, issue 2, pages 138-140, 2008

Work Experience

Rakuten Institute of Technology, New York
Summer Research Internship    May.2013 - Aug.2013
Mentor: Dr. Masato Hagiwara and Dr. Satoshi Sekine
Research Topics:
Unsupervised product attribute extraction of Taiwanese e-commerce data.

Innovation Center, 
Siemens Medical Solutions, 
Malvern, USA
Summer Research Internship    June.2011 - Aug.2011
Mentor: Dr. Faisal Farooq, Dr. Shipeng Yu and Dr. Balaji Krishnapuram
Research Topics: 
1. Named Entity Recognition for clinical text to detect several entity types in the medical domain: allergy, symptom, medication, diagnosis and so on. 
2. Classified medications in clinical text into different classes based on the time period they were taken.

Professional Activities

Program Committee Member for Edited Book from ASONAM 2013
Program Committee Member for IMMM 2013 
Program Committee Member for IMMM 2012 

Reviewer for Edited Book from ASONAM 2013
Reviewer for IMMM 2013 
Secondary Reviewer for ASONAM 2013
Reviewer for IMMM 2012 
Secondary Reviewer for  IJCNLP 2011


Ph.D.    Computer Science      Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)    Aug. 2013 - Present 
Ph.D.    Computer Science      The Graduate Center, CUNY    Jan. 2011 - July. 2013
M.S.     Computer Science      Columbia University in the City of New York    Aug. 2008 - May. 2010
B.E.      Electronic Engineering    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications    Sep. 2003 - July. 2007