ISA Seminar Fall 2015  資訊應用書報討論

National Tsing Hua University

Seminar in Information Systems and Applications

 Fall 2015

Time: Wednesday 13:30-15:00

Location: 105 Delta Building

Instructor: Hao-Chuan Wang 王浩全 (haochuan at

Assistant: Mei-Ling Chen 陳美伶 (

 Date     Speaker TitleNote 
 Sep 16Prof. Hao-Chuan / TACourse introduction and overview 

 Sep 23Prof. Chih-Fang Huang 黃志方
Assistant Prof., Dept. of Information Communications, Kainan University
Chairman of Taiwan Computer Music Association (TCMA)

Music Technology New Trends and Its Applications
 invited by Prof. Shelley S. C. Young
 Sep 30Mr. Shih-Wen Huang 黃適文 (集智網路 
Crowdsourcing: Past, Present, and FutureMr. Huang is a researcher in CSCW and Social Computing. He is currently building a startup called Jizhi in the business of online crowdsourcing market in China.

invited by Prof. Hao-Chuan
 Oct 7Prof. Hao-ChuanOverview of academic communication practice (course) lecture given by Prof. Hao-Chuan
 Oct 14Presentations by ISA students Student presentation 

 Oct 21Prof. I-Hsien Ting 丁一賢 (National University of Kaohsiung, 高雄大學資訊管理學系)

Social Networks and Opinion Analysis: Research and Application  

 invited by Prof. Chaur-Chin Chen
 Oct 28Presentations by ISA studentsStudent presentation
 Nov 4Prof. Hsiang-Ting Tim Chen, University of Technology Sydney 
Rapid prototyping: from 2D sketch to 3D fabrication  
 Nov 11Prof. Yuan-Chi Tseng 曾元琦教授 (National Chen Kung University, 成功大學工業設計系) 
Change for Good: Design Technology for Aspiring Behavior 
 Nov 18No seminar No seminar 全校運動會
 Nov 25

no seminar this week. extra talk added to Jan 6.
 Dec 2Dr. Hwai-Jung Hsu 許懷中博士 (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, 中央研究院資訊所)

A Data Scientist in Entertainment Industry: How Data Science Works in Gaming and Sport Industries
 Dec 9
Prof. Hao-Chuan away for ACM CHI PC meeting
 Dec 16Prof. Tien-I Tsai 蔡天怡教授 (National Taiwan University, 台灣大學圖書資訊系) 
Big Five Personality and Information Behavior
 Dec 23Yung-Ju Chang 張永儒博士候選人 (University of Michigan Ann Arbor, 密西根大學資訊學院)
Toward Developing a Better Context-Aware Technology 
 Dec 30Dr. Huang-Wei Chang (Google)Do you want to be a software engineer?invited by Prof. Hwann-Tzhong Chen
 Jan 61. 12:00PM ISA town hall meeting

2. 1:30PM Yun-Nung Vivian Chen 陳縕儂博士候選人 (Carnegie Mellon University, 卡內基美隆大學電腦科學學院)

"Sorry, I didn't get that!" - Statistical Learning from Dialogues for Intelligent Assistantsinvited by Prof. Jason Chang

Following information applies only to graduate students taking ISA seminar as part of the course requirement:

Group presentation 10%
Participation 70%
Individual term papers 20%
(TWO reports on talks of your choice. Each report should have more than 500 words yet less than 1000 words in English)

Student project groups:

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