ISA Seminar Fall 2014  資訊應用書報討論

National Tsing Hua University

Seminar in Information Systems and Applications

 Fall 2014

Time: Wednesday 13:30-15:00

Location: 105 Delta Building

Instructor: Hao-Chuan Wang 王浩全 (haochuan at

Assistant: Avon Lin 林雅芳 (qbdrops at )

 Date     Speaker TitleNote 
 Sep 17Prof. Hao-Chuan / TA Course introduction and overview 

 Sep 24Dr. 詹益鑑, AppWorks
 VC 2.0: Super Angel & Startup Acceleratorinvited by Prof. Yi-Shin Chen
 Oct 1Prof. Hao-Chuan Overview of the practice of academic communication (course)lecture given by Prof. Hao-Chuan

 Oct 8Presentations by ISA students  Student presentation 
 Oct 15Presentations by ISA students Student presentation 

 Oct 22Prof. Itiro Siio, Ochanomizu University 
 Ubiquitous Computing @ Home 
 Oct 29清華大學 陳宜欣教授
Prof. Yi-Shin Chen, National Tsing Hua University
 Research and Life instructor away for a conference
 Nov 5交通大學 王昱舜教授
Prof. Yu-Shuen Wang, National Chiao Tung University
 Metro Map Deformation and Its Applications
 Nov 12中山大學 林怡伶教授
Prof. Yi-Ling Lin, National Sun Yat-Sen University 
 Finding the right image: Harnessing the power of experts and crowds 
 Nov 19No seminar No seminar 全校運動會
 Nov 26中央研究院 鄭文皇研究員
Prof. Wen-Huang Cheng, Academia Sinica
 Multimedia Content Analysis and Its Applications
 Dec 3台灣大學經濟系 王道一教授
Prof. Tao-Yi Wang, Department of Economics, National Taiwan University

 Uncover Components of Individual’s Strategic IQ: An Experimental Study
invited by Prof. Yi-Shin Chen
 Dec 10清華大學 孫民教授
Prof. Min Sun, Department of Electrical Engineering,
National Tsing Hua University

"At-a-glance" Visualization of Highlights in Raw Personal Videos 
 Dec 17Dr. Erik Trainer, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Patrick Shih, Penn State University
Empirical Investigation of Sharing and Community Building in Scientific Software

Supporting Civic Activities with Machine and Human Computation
 Dec 24康乃爾大學傳播系博士候選人 袁千雯
Chien Wen (Tina) Yuan, Cornell University

密西根大學資訊學院 張永儒
Yung-Ju (Stanley) Chang, University of Michigan

Understanding Multilingual Informal Communication and Design Solutions

Crowdsourcing Mobile Users: Why, How, and When ?
 Dec 31中央研究院 鄧東波
Dongpo Deng, Academia Sinica & University of Twente, the Netherlands

Crowdsourced Mapping for Open Collaboration: A story of OpenStreetMap
 Jan 7 ISA faculty and students ISA town hall meeting

Following information applies only to graduate students taking ISA seminar as part of the course requirement:

Group presentation 10%
Participation 70%
Individual term papers 20%
(TWO reports on talks of your choice. Each report should have more than 500 words yet less than 1000 words in English)

Student project groups:

See the announcement on NTHU-iLMS.