Han Yuan, PhD

Assistant Professor
School of Biomedical Engineering
College of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Center
University of Oklahoma

  • Research Assistant positions funded by Stephenson Fellowship are available in Dr. Yuan's lab. Click here for more information.
  • [September 3, 2015] A recent manuscript, titled "Reconstructing Large-Scale Brain Resting State Networks from High-Resolution EEG: Spatial and Temporal Comparisons with fMRI",  was just accepted for publication in the journal Brain Connectivity. The manuscript reported an innovative technique to construct the network organization of endogenous activities in the human brain, based on noninvasive, direct electrophysiolgocal recordings (electroencephalogram, or EEG) and magnetic resonance images (MRI). In this study the validity of the new technique was also confirmed by another independent imaging modality, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). This work paves the way towards transnational neuroimaging by using innovative technologies to facilitate diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders, through a noninvasive and broadly accessible approach.
    -- The work was conducted together with Dr. Jerzy Bodurka at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Dr. Lei Ding at the University of Oklahoma and other colleagues.

  • [August 16, 2015] Dr. Yuan has started as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Stephenson School of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma,