Han WU 吴涵

Current Position:

Postdoc at EPFL (from 2018.04)

Contact Information:

  • Email: wuhan1121 at yahoo.com
  • Address:
           MA C3 604
           Station 8
           CH-1015, Lausanne

Research Interests:

Analytic Number Theory, Automorphic Representation Theory


-- Analytic Number Theory:

[1] Arxiv  Burgess-like subconvex bounds for $GL_2 \times GL_1$

GAFA: June 2014Volume 24Issue 3pp 968-1036

-- Analytic Theory of Automorphic Representation Theory:

[5] Arxiv  A note on spectral analysis in automorphic representation theory for $GL_2$: I

IJNTJune 2017Volume 13, Issue 10, pp 2717-2750

[2] Arxiv  Subconvex bounds for compact toric integrals: under revision
[3] Arxiv  Burgess-like subconvexity for $GL_1$: submitted
[4] Arxiv  Explicit Burgess-like subconvex bounds for $GL_2 \times GL_1$: submitted
[8] Arxiv  Rankin-Selberg trace formula for $GL_2$: geometric side: submitted
[9] Arxiv  On Kuznetsov-Bykovskii's formula of counting prime geodesics: submitted

In Preparation:
[6] note on spectral analysis in automorphic representation theory for $GL_2$: II: in preparation
[7] Arxiv  Explicit subconvexity for $GL_2$ and some applications (with N.Andersen): in preparation


  • An Introduction to the Analytic and Spectral Theory of Automorphic Representations (Course given at YMSC Tsinghua, Sep.2016-Dec.2016). Course Notes: Spectral Analysis for $GL_2$
  • Introduction to Algebraic Exponential Sums, an Artin-Schreier Case (Minicourse given at Xi'an Jiaotong University, 04 & 06 December 2018). Course Notes: Algebraic Exponential Sums

Curriculum Vitae: