MultiLing Keyboard

Derived from Gingerbread keyboard with extra features added. Eventually HanWriting IME will merge with this keyboard.


【中日韓英】Chinese / Japanese / Korean + English IME for Android

中日韓英 手寫+拼音+注音+偏旁 輸入法同時輸入繁體、簡體、日本新字體、英文、かな、한글、火星文。
Chinese / Japanese / Korean / English Handwriting + pinyin + zhuyin + homophone + radical input system for Android devices. Read More.

This version is retiring, please download MultiLing+HanWriting plugin instead.  

Lotus*Root Puzzle

Puzzle Game for Mobile devices
**a free lite version is coming soon available**
The goal of this game is to arrange the same-color “cells “in a “pie-slice” shape so that you have six “pie-slices”, each representing one of the six colors (see diagram). Read more...