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O children, I am Shiva.  I have descended from the heavens to impart to you my history.  You may know that Rama is an avatar of Vishnu, but perhaps you did not know that his helper, Hanuman, is my own avatar!  I fear that one day the stories of this avatar, the great Hanuman, may be forgotten, so I have woken from my deep meditations to bring you the stories of my avatar.  Cherish these tales, children, and preserve them in your holy books. 

I have tried for the most part not to interfere in the lives of human beings.  Although your people may be weak and naive, humanity does deserve to live unencumbered by my constant interference .  But, children, you must understand that my hand was forced.  Those were dark and terrible times!  Brahma, Vishnu, and I foresaw the great devastation about to befall the human raceRavana and his rakshasas would soon overrun the earth.  Their fearsome conquests would strike fear in the hearts of both humans and gods.  Dharma and justice were slowly disappearing from this world, and soon I realized my presence was needed. 

I entered the mortal coil in the form of a divine monkey-god, Hanuman.  In this day and age, that avatar is known by the name of Hanuman, but back then that avatar was known as and answered to several names, including Anjaneya and Maruti .  Hanuman's birth was a joyous occasion as it relieved his mother from an ancient curse.  Although his mother left the monkey kingdom when he was just an infant, Hanuman's childhood was not marred by that loss.  He was a  rambunctious, mischievous, and playful child.  Of course Hanuman was also a wise one.  Yes, in my mortal form, as Hanuman, I often got underfoot, annoying the gods and learned men, but I was also the one who protected them in their times of need. 

As a young monkey I was already known for my strength and wisdom.  With the blessings I received from the gods I mastered the Vedas, excelled in the study of the darshanas, which are systems of philosophies, and established myself as an artist skilled in every medium.  In my later life I would be known for my ability to protect my true devotees against the harmful effects of sorcery and astrology.  Of course my greatest accomplishment during my time in the form of Hanuman would be my pure devotion and loyalty to the incarnation of Vishnu, Rama.  Through our work together in the mortal forms of Rama and Hanuman , Vishnu and I were able to heal the world during very troubled times.  It is for this great service that Hanuman, like Rama, is still remembered and worshiped so fervently to this day.

And now, listen closely as I tell you the tale of Hanuman's birth.

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