A Science Fiction Fantasy

About the book:

The book explores "What if?" scenario in which John Galt of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged does NOT go on a STRIKE but decides to STRIKE BACK.

Ayn Rand’s John Galt of Atlas Shrugged invents a motor which produces electricity from no inputs; Indian Jaipal Joshi does something similar in India.

John Galt abandons his invention and goes on strike and convinces his two friends Fransisco & Ragnar to join him.

Jaipal Joshi does not abandon his invention and decides to strike back with the help of his two friends Ashutosh & Dakshesh.

This is the tale of “men of mind” who exact Retribution for 1200 years of Chrislamic oppression of Hindus from the desert Abrahamic cults...

Excerpts from the book----

Prologue: The Present

Jaipal Joshi, the Prime Minister of India, now officially known as Bharat, was concentrating on piloting the spacecraft in Moon’s orbit. He was constantly in touch with the control tower at New Sriharikota, on the Moon. He was deftly adjusting the altitude, attitude and speed as per instructions from the control tower. His mission was to place a one meter diameter Super magnet in a carefully predetermined elliptical orbit around Moon. This magnet was to be the “seed” of the “Magnetic Core” of 2000 meters diameter to be formed eventually. The idea was to keep on adding similar magnets of diameter of 10 centimeters until a huge ball of 2000 meters diameter was formed. To prevent these magnets from being be “welded” together because of vacuum of the space, they were given a thin coat of PVC. This 2 kilometer Core was to be enveloped in two hemispheres of “Miracle Superconducting Resin”; to form a sphere of 2020 meters. Prime Minister Jaipal’s co-pilot was his son Jagdeep. He was a strapping young man in early twenties. He had inherited his mother’s skin color and fine chiseled features. He was a qualified Electrical and Mechanical engineer as well as a trained Astronaut.

Jaipal Joshi was in the process of laying the “foundation Magnet” as it were, in capacity of the Prime Minister of India. Since it was his project he chose to actually place the Magnet in orbit instead of pressing a button ceremoniously from Earth. His wife Dr. Srividya, the daughter of a African beauty Queen and an Indian Diplomat, was also present there in the same craft. Dr. Srividya was looking at the two men in her life with pride.

The countdown to launch had started then. Jagdeep pulled a lever down which swung the top open fully as the countdown reached “Zero”, Jaipal dropped the craft a few meters and reduced the speed. Immediately the station on the Moon started tracking the Magnet and relayed to Jaipal a successful separation. Jaipal then handed over the controls to Santosh Vishwakarma, who was the designer of the craft “Chandrayaan” and his co-pilot young Captain Angad Singh, son of Surjeet Singh. Jaipal and Jagdeep together with Srividya then retired to their state room. They had more than 24 hours to kill before the 12 similar crafts carrying the 10 centimeter Super Magnets arrived from Earth.

Jagdeep asked his father “Baba, We have successfully placed the magnet in orbit. How do we proceed from here, what are the next steps?”

Jaipal replied “When the 12 crafts from the earth arrive with the smaller magnets they will deposit a layer of small magnets evenly on the Magnet which we have placed in the orbit. Then they will repeat the process until they make a huge magnet with a diameter of 2000 meters. Several dozen trips would have to be undertaken to accomplish the job.”

“OK say we now have a huuuuge 2000 meter magnet. What next?” persisted Jagdeep.

“Not so ‘huuuuge’ on a cosmic scheme of things. It would appear ‘huuuuge’ to you but in Cosmos it would be less than a mere speck of dust is for us.” Jaipal replied patiently “Here on, we enter uncharted territory. We have broad plans but we will have to fine tune them as we go along. At present several scientists are working on them at Saptarshi HQ in Saptarshi Valley.”.......

“Wait a minute, what is Ajit Shield? How, when it was invented and by whom?” Jagdeep interrupted

“‘Ajit Shield’ meaning Invincible Shield was coincidentally invented by a man named Ajit Singh. It is a long story as regards How and when part of your question, it’s a long story and I would not know where to start from.”

“The Beginning is usually considered right point to start from.” Srividya observed philosophically with a smile on her face.

“Yes, Baba; I would like to know everything from the beginning, and as it is we have more than 24 hours in which your story can be completed.”

Jaipal reclined his chair’s backrest, closed his eyes and started talking “I clearly remember the day, it was 2 October about thirty years ago. I can visualize each and every event since that day. It was the day that changed mine, Ashutosh’s and Dakshesh’s life dramatically. You see, 2 October being a holiday, the three of us had gone for a short trip……..”

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