About Me

Hanti Lin

Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
University of California at Davis


My work focuses on the cognitive and conative roles of accepting sentences or propositions, especially the roles that it does play, can play, or should play, in inquiry, decision-making, or linguistic understanding. My work has the following applications.
  1. Epistemology: Normative connection between the Bayesian and traditional approaches to epistemology.
  2. Decision Theory: Normative connection between Bayesian decision-making and qualitative decision-making (such as classical planning and everyday practical reasoning).
  3. Philosophy of Mind: A functionalist characterization of believing a proposition (rather than, say, being confident to a probabilistic degree).
  4. Philosophy of Language: Foundations of compositional, non-truth-conditional semantics (with a focus on conditionals, epistemic and deontic modals, and moral statements).
  5. Philosophy of Logic: How to choose between deductive logics.
I also work on justification of inductive methods such as Ockham's razorI joined the UC Davis faculty in 2014.

proudly grew up, completed my undergraduate study, and fulfilled my military service obligation in my home country, Taiwan, although it is seldom formally recognized as a country. My native language is Taiwanese Hokkien, which is the only option when I talk to my grandparents. I learn Mandarin Chinese as a second language, English as a foreign language. I hope one day I can give a philosophy talk in my native language.


Lin, H. (2014) "On the Regress Problem of Deciding How to Decide", Synthese 191: 661- 670.