The HL#3 Board has revised the Pre-construction Approval Form for docks and seawalls. (See attachment Below) Please complete this form and submit it to the Board prior to any construction. 
  • Silver Flying Asian Carp have been seen on our lake. These can be very dangerous to boaters, skiers, & tubers. If you happen to catch one or one jumps into your boat. Please, DO NOT return it to the lake. 
  • ONLY watercraft that is owned by the lot owner is allowed on the lake, NO guest watercrafts are allowed at any time. ALL watercraft on the lake need to have a Hanson's Lake #3 a lake sticker.  To obtain a lake sticker, you must present required documentation.  See Boat registration page for more details.  Only one watercraft per lot owner is allowed on the lake at a time on weekends and holidays.


    • The Hanson's Lake #3 Board is always updating our records. Please email hansonlake3@gmail.com with any new email addresses (you may receive emails at more than one address), preferred mailing address or cell phone numbers which would be useful in relaying information to you.
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Board of Directors for Hanson's Lake #3 Improvement Association, Inc.


Dan Quinn (Lot 75) President
Ken Weber (Lot 55) Vice President
Judy Kudym (Lot 75)  Secretary
Suzanne Nolte (Lot 86) Treasurer
Directors at Large:
Tom McKeone (Lot 62)
Mike Grabenschroer (Lot 56)
Tom Howard (Lot 73)

Contact Info:
Hanson's Lake #3 Improvement Association
2516 Annabelle Drive
Bellevue, NE 68123
Phone with voice mail:  (402) 957-1453

Email address:  hansonlake3@gmail.com

Hanson Lake 3,
Dec 28, 2012, 2:20 PM
Hanson Lake 3,
Dec 28, 2012, 2:18 PM